Why Dexter wants to win!

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Flame Point Ragdoll CatDexter (Dex for short) is my flame point ragdoll who im just totally in love with. he’s been with the wife and i for 2 years now and we’ve grown really close to him.

why i want him to win? Dex LOVES, LOVES kitty treats! i mean he flops like theres no tomorrow when he hears the rattle of the treat jar!

Dex also loves his scratching posts, especially the rope ones that hang from the door. everytime i get a new one, he immediately sets to work, breaking it in and sharpening his claws that he uses to leave me bug treats by my bed 😀

Name: Dexter Cat
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
ShelterRescue: Texas Ragdoll Rescue

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