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Don’t tell Charlie we are talking about Whole Life cat treats – he’ll come meowing.  Although, he knows them as “cheats” not as “Whole Life pet treats”.  Whole Life Pets recently overhauled their website and it looks fantastic – check it out.

A Ragdoll cat breeder originally introduced us to Whole Life cat treats, and we have since reviewed them several times.  Here are links to the reviews we have done.

This is my favorite video I have of them chowing down on Whole Life’s freeze dried cat treats:

Every single cat and dog that I have given these to, love them.  I have not met a cat yet that doesn’t care for them.

One of the difficult things about these treats is that they are pricey.  OnlyNaturalPetStore.com sells their chicken treats for:

However, I have had a reader tell me about how she gets “deals” on them.  She buys them from DogCatSupply.com.  She signs up for their newsletter to get for Coupons, Sales and Free Prizes.  When they send out a 10% off everything sale, she loads up on Whole Life Pet treats for her Ragdoll cat, Sergio and takes advantage of their free shipping over $59.95.

Do you give your kitty Whole Life Pet Products treats for cats?  Which flavors do they like?  Charlie and Trigg like them all and then some!

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