Whole Life Pet Treats Has Changed Their Packaging To Help With Freeze Dried Dust

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Whole Life Chicken new PackagingMany of you know how much Charlie loves Whole Life Pet Treats or simplified, “cheats!”

Many Floppycats’ readers also give their Ragdoll Cats Whole Life treats.

Whole Life Treats are freeze dried, 1 ingredient treats.  So their chicken, for example, is literally human grade chicken muscle meat freeze dried.  What they found was that when the product was shipped, the freeze dried treats were more inclined to break apart because of all the rough handling that happens during shipping.  As a result, they determined that vacuum sealing the bags would be best to prevent the movement of the treats within the bag and therefore, hopefully help with breakage.

Whole Life was kind enough to send us a bag of their new packaging, so I could do a video about it.  Please see it below and feel Charlie’s frustration of me talking too much!

You can buy Whole Life Treats on Amazon or try a sample pack to figure out which flavors your kitty likes best – order a Whole Life Treats’ sample pack.

Whole Life Treats are also sold at The Cat Connection.

Do you give your kitty treats?  What kind?

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  1. I won some of these as a giveaway prize and Miss Pink Sugar didn’t know what to do with them at first. But once I mixed them in with her meal she was gobbling them down. Now she’ll eat them plain from our hand.

    These are great cheats!

    Thanks for the great info and video, Jenny!

    Big hugs…and peace, love & purrs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarlumps 🙂 <3

  2. I’m so glad Whole Life was proactive about the packaging issues. These treats are a favorite, but the last few bags I ordered were probably 50% dust. Since I use them for the puzzle toys and other games that didn’t work. Whole Life responded promptly to my email complaint. So nice to work with a company that cares about customer service and does something about issues! Will look forward to receiving the new packaging!

  3. These are our absolute fave (two Raggies and a Shih-Poo). I break the bigger pieces up for the cats and then I sprinkle the left over dust onto their wet food. I’m glad to see that they are addressing the breakage issue. Some bags are in really bad shape, and since these goodies ain’t cheap … I’m going to try giving them the big pieces to break up on their own. Looks like your guys enjoyed that!

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