Whole Life Pet Treats – Dog Fish?

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Whole Life Pet Products is looking for cat owner feedback on a new product line they are considering for cats – freeze dried dogfish.  A few weeks ago they sent Charlie and Trigg a new line of fish treats that they are considering (you’ll notice that I reference Whole Life Pet’s employees John and Jennifer in the video):

As you can see they were a hit.

The idea behind this product is a partnership between Whole Life Pet and Reds Best Seafood in Boston.  There are tons of local fisherman that are struggling to make ends meet and there are tons of underutilized fish out there that there is no market for, but that are in abundance.  If we can focus on those fish as pet treats, we can create a market and thus create jobs that currently don’t exist for these guys.  Its an incredible opportunity and story.

Dogfish are currently the best option in local waters off the coast of Boston.  They are a real bad fish out there that are causing all sorts of problems in the fish population by being a predator to other important species and being a nuisance fish for fisherman that end up catching them and having no way to turn them into income.

What are your thoughts as a cat owner?  Whole Life wants to hear!


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  1. While I’m sure my cats would love them, I have some concerns about fish these days.
    There is so much pollution and toxic material in our oceans, it makes me wonder if in the long term these foods would be healthy for our pets. Also, just read something about salmon being genetically modified now. Have any experts weighed in on this, do you know?

  2. Neither one of my kitties like The treats I have tried. I got the whole life freeze dried treats (even though it says dog treats) and one of them loves them. Cod is her favorite. As long as the fish aren’t toxic then sure! Go for it!

  3. My cats LOVE the Whole LIfe chicken treats, which I purchased after seeing your video about them in the puzzle box (which I also purchased)! Since the treats are not cheap (I purchase them on Amazon)- I’d be hesitant to try a new flavor without being able to get a sample. I know there is a sampler pack available, but $26.99 is a lot to spend if they hate one of the flavors. It would be great to be able to make up your own sampler pack- maybe a minimum of 6 small packages of your own choosing?

    1. Great feedback, Lynn – thanks! How do your kitties like the Puzzle Box – the CatAmazing, I am assuming?

      Also, do your cats like fish in general? If they do, I bet they would love these.

      Dogfish is actually a type of shark – https://www.google.com/search?num=10&hl=en&safe=off&authuser=0&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1760&bih=804&q=dogfish&oq=dogfish&gs_l=img.3..0l10.1228.2307.0.3202.…1.1.r5WQ9iC6_9c

      Does that deter you at all?

      1. Yes, the CatAmazing- they both love it! It’s a nightly ritual about 7:00 to put a few in the box and watch them go at it (one at a time, since they don’t share well). Unfortunately, it’s gotten bit ripped up since my Ragdoll, Emily, is a bit rough in pulling the treats out!
        They do like fish – but, I stay away from most fishy canned food because of the smell in the house! But, treats are another story.
        As long as it’s a sustainable food and we’re not comprising the species, I have no hesitation in trying a Dogfish treat (the name makes me smirk each time I think of Dogfish Cat Treats)!

      2. Cute – I love that it’s a nightly ritual.

        Maybe you can use mailing tape or something (my cats eat mailing tape, so that wouldn’t work for me) to fix the rip parts?

        They will like it then – but just so you know these fish treats are super STINKY!

        I know, I love the name, Dogfish.

  4. I for one would surely give them a try for my two Raggy boys. I am a bit concerned if they contain mercury or other toxins. I myself do not eat tuna as much as I used to because of that.

  5. Dogfish are a small species of shark who are indigenous to our eastern oceans. They are NOT dangerous to other species at ALL, this is propaganda from the fishing industry to justify their exploitation. They feed mostly on small crustaceans, bait fish, amphipods etc. Commercial fishermen get annoyed when they catch them, as they are not their target fish, are bycatch and they take their bait, which is why they hate them. I took marine biology here in the Northeast and used to go out with the shark fishermen to tag and release, and have heard all the stories. Just because they want to exploit them for profit doesn’t mean they should demonize them, they are a harmless species. We don’t know what their actual numbers are in the NE, but they are endangered in Europe due to overfishing.

      1. Dogfish populations in particular are hard to sustain because it takes them 10-12 years to reach maturity, they are viviparous and only produce 2-14 pups every two years (biennial).

  6. My cat loves the Whole Life chicken and normally he’s a salmon guy, but I’d love to try the dogfish. He’s been eating salmon treats all his life and has recently begun rejecting them. Not sure if his tastes are changing but I’m willing to find something different to satisfy his palate.

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