Whole Life Pet Treats Comes Out with Duck Breast Freeze Dried Treats

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Whole Life Pet Treats Duck Freeze Dried TreatsWhole Life Pet Treats Comes Out with Duck Breast Freeze Dried Treats

Whole Life Pet makes treats that I feed Charlie and Trigg daily. Recently, they came out with a freeze dried duck breast treat, which is exciting for those of us who like to vary the proteins that our cats get. Also helps with animals that need to eat hot or cold meats.  I have long liked Whole Life for the safety standards they follow – meaning that it is perfectly OK for me to lick my fingers after handling the treats, if I should choose to do so (I don’t do this).

These cat treats are made from USDA certified cage free, hormone and antibiotic free (ABF) duck breast from Hudson Valley Duck Farm in New York. These freeze dried duck breast treats are 100% pure duck breast – there are no fillers, chemicals, additives or preservatives.  They are low in fat, calories and carbs.

You can buy Whole Life Pet’s Freeze Dried Treats on Amazon or through Whole Life.

Here’s the breakdown of the guaranteed analysis:

100% Pure Duck Breast

Crude Protein: 91% Min
Crude Fat: 4% Min
Crude Fiber: 1% Max
Crude Moisture: 2% Max
Caloric Information: 12kcals per 3g average size treat

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  1. Thanks for the great info. Will order these for my girls to try the next shipment. Love their products too and always feel good about giving them these. Grace went for a long time refusing these, but for some unknown reason, the other day, she joined in with Illaria and Mari and almost gulped them! At last! YAY!!!! She is my pickiest eater and now loves them too.♥♥♥

  2. Does anyone who tried the Duck variety have an opinion on them? I purchased two bags directly from Whole Life and both my Ragdolls and our dog were very dissatisfied with them. Most pieces were so dry and hard that they could not be shredded, crumbled or even chewed! I buy huge amounts of the chicken variety and I am aware that some pieces are hard and dry, but the majority are just fine. The duck was different and none of my pets would eat them. I’ll contact Whole Life and see about returning the unopened bag. I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

    1. Hi Diedre,

      Mine are still eating the Duck – I hope to do a review.

      I once had a conversation with another company that freeze dries meat for cat and dog treats. He told me that the more fat in the meat, the harder the treat is going to freeze dry. I actually like them a bit harder – then they don’t break as easily in transit. I am not a fan of a lot of dust at the bottom of the bag.

      Charlie and Trigg definitely prefer the Chicken, but I throw in a few Duck pieces every now and again to vary it up.


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