Whole Life Pet Treats Changes Packaging

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If you know anything about my Ragdoll cat, Charlie, you know how much he loves his “cheats” – known in the human world as, “Whole Life Pet Treats“.  Whole Life predominantly makes 1-ingredient freeze dried pet treats.

Since Whole Life opened their own facility and expanded their business, some of the freeze dried treats were breaking up more during shipment, resulting in a lot of powder at the bottom of the bags.  They immediately reacted by changing their packaging from stand up bags to vacuum sealed bags, as I reported in this post – Whole Life Pet Treats Has Changed Their Packaging To Help With Freeze Dried Dust.

While a little powder wasn’t bad (you can sprinkle it on food to get your kitty to finish food, etc.), a lot of powder wasn’t fun because it cut down on the treats inside the bag.  This new packaging not only has vacuum sealed bags, but also has the bags in three boxes, as you’ll see in the video.

This new packaging is very hopeful to me – I showed my mom, too, and her response was, “oh, so much better!”  These new packages have very little powder and the Whole Life pure chicken pet treats don’t seem as flaky.

You can buy Whole Life Treats on Amazon or try a sample pack to figure out which flavors your kitty likes best – order a Whole Life Treats’ sample pack.

Whole Life Treats are also sold at The Cat Connection.

Do you give your kitty treats?  What kind?

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  1. Love these and am so happy to know that they changed the packaging. Great company. Same thing happened to the Cat-Man-Doo bonito flakes that are just dust by the end of the package. Thanks so much Jenny. Love giving them something that is safe for humans as well as pets.

  2. i haven’t gotten these yet but i know my cats would love them. i do give them “greenies” which they go nuts over and all i have to do is say “greenies” now and they come running. i have tried the “halo” brand of freeze dried treats and they loved those too. they didn’t last long. charlie looks so cute like “oh man, this whole bag just for meeee!” i will be getting some of these.

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