Whole Life Pet Treats Beef Product Review

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Charlie eating Whole Life Pet Products Beef
Charlie eating Whole Life Pet Products Beef

SHHHH!  Don’t tell Charlie that we are talking about Whole Life treats.  He can’t handle it and I will have a meowing kitty on my hands – much like this meowing Ragdoll cat.  No matter if I say, “CHEATS!” or lift the bag from the top of the fridge – he comes running and meowing!  I do keep them on top of the fridge or in the fridge so that they are not tampered with!  When I wasn’t as wise, I found bags of Whole Life throughout the house – so I have to keep it out of his reach.

Whole Life Pet was kind enough to send us a bag of their beef treats to try out!

Trigg eating Whole Life Pet Products Beef
Trigg eating Whole Life Pet Products Beef

Whole Life is my favorite freeze dried cat treat.  We have tried others.  Others have made the kitties puke – all 4 – Caymus, Murphy, Charlie and Trigg has puked from other freeze dried cat treats.  But not Whole Life.  Here’s why (I think) – Whole Life does things a little differently; all of their products are tested twice for bacteria and all of their meats are precooked.


Safety is important to Whole Life:  Every ingredient used is tested for harmful bacteria twice.  Only then are they released to inventory.  Whole Life tests for salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria and Staph.

Pre-cooked:  Whole Life pre-cooks their meats to their proper temperatures, just as you would cook meat at home to ensure the health and safety of you, your pets and your family.

So with all that testing, you can imagine that Whole Life treats are little more pricey than other freeze dried pet treats.  This is true!  In fact, Floppycats reader, Jerri and I have discussed this extensively through email – that is how to go about getting Whole Life Pet Treats and a discount or finding Whole Life Pet Treats coupons.

If you’ve seen my post on online pet food deals, then you might already have this information saved, but here it is again (with the stores that actually sell Whole Life pet treats):

  1. Petflow.com -$10 off your FIRST purchase at PetFlow (min. orders $40+ for the coupon to fire) FLOPPY10. Free shipping at $59. Or free shipping at $49 with promo code FBFANS. Like their Facebook page for additional promo codes. Sales tax in NY, NJ and NV.
  2. DogCatSupply.com – FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $59.95. Sign up for their emails to get exclusive discounts.
  3. Only Natural Pet – They had a sale on Whole Life a week or so ago – so be sure to sign up for their email alerts, so you can get them on sale.  If you don’t want to wait you can save 10% on your current order and all future orders of an item like Whole Life with their Simplify Life automatic delivery program. There’s no commitment and it’s easy to adjust the schedule, postpone, or cancel at any time.
  4. Chewy.com – free shipping at $49. $4.95 flat shipping rate for orders under $49. Get 10% off your first order from Chewy by using promo code: JENN7837 or 15% off first autoship order (you can cancel at anytime) – you could always do your first  order at 10% off and then use the 15% on the second one.  Unsure about sales tax.
  5. Wag.com – free shipping at $49. Sales tax in WA, KS, NY, NJ, and PA. (They are affiliated with Amazon.com) 15% discount with code 15WAG. 20% discount with code WAGFOOD12 (until 9/30/12).
  6. Waggintails.com – free shipping at $59.99. Sign up for email and get a discount code. Like their Facebook page and they post other discount codes. Unsure about sales tax – company is in MA.
  7. Pet Food Direct – If you sign up for their email updates you can usually get a 20% discount code or a free shipping code.  You can also check for current Pet Food Direct Coupon Codes.  Get 10% off when you use “RADIUS10PFD”.

or use Whole Life’s store locator to find them near you.

Be sure to join Whole Life on Facebook to keep track of deals, discounts and all the fun things they are up to.

Here’s our arrival video – notice the change in Charlie when I told him that we got “cheats” in the mail.  In fact, when I was putting this blog post together and re-playing this video, you’ll never guess who showed up when he again heard “cheats” – IT’S DANGEROUS!:

However, you may have already seen this because we tried them before with Caymus and Murphy:

Be sure to join Whole Life on Facebook and thank them for your free sample of Whole Life!

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One thought on “Whole Life Pet Treats Beef Product Review

  1. Jerri K says:

    Right now until 9/9/12, there is a discount code to get 20% off at Pet Food Direct on Whole Life treats. PFDWHOLELIFE. They do charge shipping, but it’s still a pretty good deal. And they ship pretty darn fast. They also have a good selection of the larger size bags which a lot of other places don’t. And if your cats get addicted like ours, you’ll want the bigger bags!

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