Whole Life Pet Treats at Petco Unleashed

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Whole Life Pet Treats at Petco Unleashed

whole_life_chickenMany of you know that I give Charlie and Trigg “cheats” on a daily basis. “Cheats” are the freeze-dried treats that Whole Life Pet makes.

I was introduced to Whole Life early on when I started Floppycats – a Ragdoll cat breeder in Florida told me that she fed her cats raw food and the freeze-dried treats from Whole Life Pet because they were human grade and only muscle meat.

Did you know that you can buy Whole Life Pet Treats at Petco Unleashed now? I just found out by visiting their YouTube channel.  The video below focuses on their dog treats – which have veggies and fruit in them.  But they also have freeze dried muscle and organ meat 1-ingredient treats that you can give to a cat or a dog.

Whole Life Pet Treats at Petco Unleashed Video

Here’s more about Whole Life.


Where to Buy Whole Life

Some of Our Whole Life Pet Treat Videos (See How Much the Cats Like Them):

Do you give your kitties Whole Life treats?  Which one is their favorite?  Charlie and Trigg eat mainly the chicken variety, but also like the turkey and any of the fish ones.  If you don’t give your kitty Whole Life treats, what sort of treats do you give them?

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  1. Jenny, My two rag dolls are from that breeder. One of them LOVES the Whole Life treats, the other does not eat treats at all. I do like the way you call them cheats. May have to borrow that term.
    Thank you so much for your blog and everything you do to support and promote our beloved breed.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Special meows from our babies to yours!

  2. I do give my babies Whole Life cheats and they are their favorites, hands down!! They could eat them all day, every day. Their favorite is the Chicken, but we have tried several others. I sprinkle the “powder” in the bottom of the bag over wet foods that they are not 100% in love with and this helps them to tolerate it a bit more. I’m not complaining about the price of these treats, but they are a bit steep albeit worth it for the quality and nutrition they have.

    1. they are very expensive – i spoke to another manufacturer, cat-man-doo that makes a similar treat and the cost of being “human-grade” is very high – machinery, etc. so i think that’s why whole life is so high and another manufacturer like catmandoo that isn’t human-grade is much cheaper.

  3. Great info! I absolutely lurve the fact at how nutritious and pure these Whole Life Treats are… Just wish our Miss Pink Sugarbelle would eat them. She turnes her nose up at them each time I try to give her one (the chicken as she lurves chicken and turkey meals). I tried giving her a whole treat (ignored). I tried crumbling it into a dish for her (ignored). I tried moistening the crumbles with a bit of water (ignored). I’ve also tried the Smittens treats (thanks to Sweet Auntie Teresa!) and she tried part of one and then ignored the rest of it. However, she absolutely ADORES the Red Barn Turkey Cat treats. She goes crazy over THOSE and they are grain-free.

    Big hugs & Happy Holidays!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. I too read your review and purchased some. We have to keep treats in a sealed glass jar because our boys go on TreatQuest after we go to bed. They find the packages (which are usually in a high cupboard), chew through the packaging, and consume all the treats inside. It is because of the Whole Life treats that we had to keep all treats in a sealed glass jar. They found all 3 packages of them and DEVOURED them! The shrapnel that was all over the kitchen was very colorful. 🙂 Now when I buy them, I keep them in jars and dole them out accordingly. To say they love them is an understatement. They are slightly annoyed when I dole out treats that are not of the Whole Life variety. I buy these in bulk from Amazon now. Thank you for the review!

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