Whole Life Pet Products’ New Packaging and Videos!

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Whole Life Pet Products, who we have loved for years, recently updated the stand up bags packaging of their treats and updated their logo – and they sent us some to feature!

Here’s their new logo:

Whole Life Pet New Logo 2018

And here’s the new packaging – with the old “striped” packaging in the background – you can tell that it’s quite the change =).

I love Whole Life, as I mentioned in the video below, because these “Just One” treats are just one ingredient – freeze-dried muscle meat (well, sometimes it can be organ meat).  They are also made in the USA and the meat is sourced in the USA.  They are also manufactured in a human grade manufacturing facility – unlike other comparable treats.

Charlie and Trigg Unboxing Whole Life Pet Treats

It worked out that my sister and I were at my parents house working on a project – and I had brought her a package of the turkey treats to try on her Addie (Addie can have turkey, but not chicken) – and my parents’ 13-year old Ragdoll cats, Caymus and Murphy, were begging us for their treats.  So, Amy said, “Do you want to give them some of these treats?”  My family definitely knows what Whole Life treats are – from my years online, etc.  But, as you can see in the video below, Amy didn’t realize they were Whole Life until I verbally mention it in the video with Caymus and Murphy eating them.

Caymus and Murphy Chowing Down on Whole Life Pet Treats

As I said in the video above, we had to do a video with Parker, my parents’ German Shepherd dog, too.

Parker, Caymus and Murphy – Showing How Whole Life is the Perfect PET Treat

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What do you think of Whole Life’s new packaging? Which treats do you like best and why?

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  1. Love your videos, kitties and the Whole Life treats! AND Parker! He has grown so much since I saw him last time. He is so beautiful! Can’t believe how well mannered your boys are! Gracie would have torn into the bag and carried it off and am not kidding! Yes, we buy this brand sometimes and also the Cat Mandoo brand. Have to put them in a sealed plastic bin so they can’t be broken into! Haha! I have to be very careful giving these to Mari, the Maine Coon, because she had bowel problems sometimes and so she has to have lots of hydration prior to getting these, but she loves them too!♥♥♥

  2. Wonderful post, Jenny, and the pic and videos are SUPER PAWESOME!!! I think the new logo is ROCKIN’, too! 🙂 <3

    I definitely am going to try and get that variety sampler pack as soon as I can to give Miss PSB another go at these treats (as our last attempt was treated with disdain and crazy looks from her as if to say "I'm supposed to EAT that thing?"…lol). Now that she's older (and a bit more worldly and experienced with a few different treat options and food options) she may be more game to try these again. Picky little princess!! 🙂 <3

    The videos were SOOOO MUCH FUN to watch!! I totally agree with everything Sweet Teresa mentioned about Parker and the kitties, too!!! Parker is such a HANDSOME FELLA. Just a GORGEOUS EXAMPLE of a GS!! Lurve his dark face soooo much!! Such wonderful coloring on him!! And, of course, I lurve all the Kitty Boys in the videos so much as they are super adorable and such little piggies when it comes to these treats!! 🙂 <3

    Great job, hon!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. thanks, patti – it’s so much easier to do a video with my sister around! i wish i could hire her to work with me on floppycats! but she has “real” job!

      i was at amy’s tonight and amy had given me back the whole life chicken treats because ash wouldn’t eat them, and addie can’t have them. but, she kept the turkey because addie loves them. so all of a sudden, ash comes towards me, smelling, smelling, smelling – so interested in the treats that amy had just given back to me. so i pulled one out of the bag and offered it to him. meanwhile, amy is watching the whole encounter and is like, “oh man, don’t tell me you’re NOW going to eat one.” but, he didn’t. so, it was weird, for sure! so, your picky little princess, isn’t the only one!

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