Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey – Review by Floppycats.com

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Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey
Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey (up close and personal)

Whole Life Pet Productsrecently started carrying Turkey as an option in their variety of flavors and when they contacted us to try it out, of course, I was game because Charlie and Trigg just can’t say no to Whole Life Cat Treats.  Besides, how easy can it get when Charlie and Trigg, Caymus and Murphy and my parents’ German Shepherd dogs all like them?  Sure makes one-stop treat shoppin’ a little bit easier!

Whole Life’s freeze dried turkey treats for cats, come in a cube type shape – about the size of a pea (which isn’t square, of course!).

I’m totally head over heals for Whole Life’s products.  I love the concept, the simplicity and that my cats love them.

Charlie eating Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey
Charlie eating Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey

Whole Life makes a number of flavors:

You can buy Whole Life Cat Treats Turkey for $13.50 for a 4 oz. bag – or you can buy them today or tomorrow directly through Whole Life and save 10% while Whole Life is having their moving sale:

Save 10% on our Entire Line!  All orders received via phone or fax will have discount automatically applied.  Use code MOVE during checkout to receive your 10% discount.

Whole Life’s toll free phone number, fax and email:
Phone 877-210-3142
Fax 413-383-0025
email info@wholelifepet.com

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Here is a video I shot during the review process:

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  1. My cats love Whole Life treats!! They offer samples by request on their page, which is great because you get to try before you buy a bunch to make sure your cats like it. I received samples of chicken, salmon, lamb, lamb liver and deVour powder. the deVour powder is a great too. This is a treat I think any pet would love. My cats haven’t tried the turkey but I will order them some in December. Thanks for this great review on Whole Life treats Jenny!

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