Whole Life Cat Treats Review

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Trigg and Whole Life Chicken Cat Treats
Trigg and Whole Life Chicken Cat Treats

Whole Life Cat Treats Review

I belong to a few Yahoo! Groups that other Ragdoll cat owners belong to and one day we had a discussion about cat treats.  Lanie of Palace Cats mentioned that her cats go crazy for Whole Life Treats for Cats.

So I contacted Whole Life to see if they would be interested in sending Charlie and Trigg a sample of their gourmet cat treats to try.

They were kind enough to send some out to us to try out.  As you can tell from the photo, we got their Chicken.  Which is exactly that – CHICKEN.

Trigg and Charlie Trying To Get Into The Bag Of Whole Life Treats For Cats
Trigg and Charlie Trying To Get Into The Bag Of Whole Life Treats For Cats

Their Chicken Treats are freeze dried without the use of chemicals or additives. Made from pure human grade white breast meat chicken. Protein based, low fat, low calorie, and low carb.

100% Pure White Meat Chicken
Ingredients: Human Grade USDA approved white breast meat chicken
Crude Protein: 80% min
Crude Fat: 3% min
Crude Fiber: 1% max
Moisture: 4% max
Calories: 419 calories per 4 oz. Bag (about 3 calories per piece)
Sizes: 1 oz & 4 oz & 21oz

Whole Life makes 8 single-ingredient freeze dried treats for both dogs and cats.  Flavors include chicken, liver, beef, turkey, lamb, salmon, cod and venison.

Whole Life Treats for Cats
Whole Life Treats for Cats

Now, perhaps the only downfall to these treats is that they are pricey.  You can first try a sample pack or if you can buy them on Amazon or on The Cat Connection’s website.

But if you are looking for a great treat to train your kitty with – this is it – you can also soak it in water to have a different texture.  Of course, they are safe for your dogs too…so if you have dogs, then both your kitties and your pups can eat them!

Here is a video I snapped of Charlie and Trigg eating the Whole Life Chicken Treats for Cats.

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3 thoughts on “Whole Life Cat Treats Review

  1. Tessa says:

    Tessa & Boots wait (impatiently) every night at 9 pm for their Turkey treats! Expensive but they are pure protein. Also read the instructions- for my kitties’ poundage they each get 2 large treats . We break them up in manageable pieces because they’d swallow them whole!
    We get the 10 ounce bag for around $35. We also use the “dust” left over to get Tessa to eat her wet food.

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