Who said I am a cat????

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Seal Bicolor Ragdoll KittenWe added a New Girl to the Family and my Son insists she thinks she is humane!! She pay with all of kids toys and NEVER cat Toys…I had not noticed, so I took it upon my self to pay closer attention..low and behold he was right! If she isn’t rolling down the toilet paper and dragging it through the house or getting on the table to push off my comp mouse to bat from side to side to watch that pretty Red light go round…you may find her in the play room moving around the Farm and Zoo Animals in the Little tike Sets. Stepping on the plates to hear the cow moo or the chicken cluck…..Never a dull moment with this Girl in the house. One night a few weeks ago we came home late so I snuck into bed to let Daddy feed the kids. Well I slid into the sheets and slide out even faster..I swore I felt a spider in the the bed!! OH NOOO it was a Giant Pink Boa someone had been playing with and carried off to some great spot to nap…..any guess where that terrific spot would be?? I shudder to think about what really happens when we Pet Parents are away!!!!!

Kitty’s Name: Ali Oops
Name: Sandy Wuerch
Where: Ontario Canada

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