Who Doesn’t Love Shrimp?

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Thrill Shrimp Treats for CatsThrill Shrimp Treats for Cats are sure to please your well-behaved little buddy. He will be excited to be rewarded with something so delicious. You'll probably even gain a friend for life after he gets one taste of these treats made from 100% real shrimp. Just be prepared for him to follow you around once you let him taste these.

Other cat snacks just don't hold up well in comparison to Thrill cat treats. These treats use fresh pieces of shrimp and feature no derivatives in their freeze drying process. This means what you see is what you get. They come in a tube for your convenience and contain no mystery ingredients that could lead to your precious kitten getting sick. The brand Thrill guarantees at least 71.7% crude protein and 4% crude fat, while promising there will be no more than 0.5% crude fiber and 4.1% moisture content.

These gourmet cat treats, while absolutely delicious, may give your cat high standards. After eating them, it is quite possible he will accept no treats less than them. Luckily, these Thrill Shrimp Treats are rather inexpensive so there's no reason you'd have to switch brands on your picky eater. Cats can be fed 3-4 pieces of these snacks twice daily if you decide your little one has been good and deserves a treat.

Due to the fact that these snacks have been freeze-dried, there may be some powdered shrimp content in the tube; however, this is normal. When feeding your cat these shrimp bites, make sure he has a good amount of fresh drinking water available so he has something to wash them down with. Dehydration is a no-no!

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