Whiner and Diner Stainless Steel Cat Bowls

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Whiner and Diner Pet Feeder

Whiner and Diner stainless steel cat bowls are placed in recycled wine boxes, as a result they provide an elevated eating experience for your cat.

Each of the cat food and water bowls are individually crafted out of authentic reclaimed wine crates from vineyards in Europe, California and Chile.

They come in a variety of colors and you can choose a color that matches with your home.

Whiner and Diner Stainless Steel Cat Bowls are great conversation pieces for your wine lover friends that come over and see it. Whiner and Diner allows you to add a hand painted name.

They make fantastic Ragdoll gifts for your friend that is both a cat lover and a wine lover—they are totally unique and your chances are pretty high that no one else is going to have this sort of feeder, if you want to buy it for yourself.

An elevated eating experience for your cat is said to help in digestion. By using a recycled wine crate, this product is not only eco-friendly but also cat friendly because of its unique design of elevation.

The feeders come with a fine furniture finish, protected with three coats of waterborne finish to make sure that any drips of water or food will not harm the durability of the wine crate.

The feeding stations are equipped with 1, 2, 3-quart (or 1 pint for the smaller ones) removable, dishwasher safe, stainless steel cat bowls and have non-skid bottoms.

What’s the fun part? You never know what wine logo you will receive. Since the wine crates are being recycled, Whiner and Diner do not have an endless supply of certain labels and therefore use the crates they have in stock and they are only in stock until they are sold out.

Whiner and Diner Pet Feeder

Prices and Styles

Whiner and Diner Stainless Steal Cat Bowls come in a triple bowl feeder, a double bowl feeder and a single bowl feeder. The triple and double bowl feeders are $175/each with free shipping in the continental USA. The triple bowl measures 21″L x 8″W x 4″H* with pint bowls and the double bowl measures 16″L x 9″W x 4″H* with 1 quart or 1 pint bowls. And the single bowl is $150, measures 9″L x 6″W x 4″H* and holds a 1 quart bowl.

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