Where Does Your Cat Sleep Overnight? Let’s Discuss!

Ragdoll Cat Trigg sleeping overnight in the Bowsers Pet Bed

My Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, do not sleep with me. It is weird. In fact, they really have never slept with me. Charlie did before Trigg came along, but he was also 3-4 months old then, so it could have been a kitten thing.

My cat, Rags, ALWAYS slept with me. And when my parents got their Ragdoll cats, Caymus and Murphy, when Rags was 15 years old and I was still living at home, Rags taught them to sleep with me.

And when I stay at my parents’ lake house at Thanksgiving, Caymus and Murphy will sleep with me – and not with my parents. And they don’t always sleep with my parents.

Ragdoll Cat Charlie sleeping overnight on Peach Pet Provisions Pet Pillow Bed

So, I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion about where your cats sleep overnight. Trigg pretty much sleeps downstairs somewhere – Charlie 80% of the time is on the same floor as me – sleeps in the sink or on the Peach Pet Provisions Pillow Bed. It varies by the season.

Where does your kitty sleep overnight?  Do they sleep in your bed? Their own bed?

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Ginny Diehm says:

    Chloe slept with me until I got Chauncey 3 weeks later. He now sleeps with me every night. Lately Chloe comes in at some point during the night but leaves before I get up. I only know she’s there if I happen to wake up during the night. I feel so bad for her but he’s the dominant one. It’s not that he’s mean to her, he’s just an in you face kind of cat and assumes he comes first all the time. I try to fuss over Chloe whenever possible to make up for it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      All my cats have slept with me. My current ragdoll & his predecessor usually wanted to be touching me, up against my legs or some part of me. Whenever Merlin flops down next to me (he’s 14 but still flops down like an exhausted kitten weighing a ton!) I find that I give a sigh and my whole body relaxes.

  2. My wife and I adopted a ragdoll cat will be coming home in February. We really want this cat to sleep in bed with us. More specifically, my wife wants to sleep with her. Right on top of her head or cuddled up close to her. I wonder if there’s anything we can do in advance to train the cat to do this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Amy Ratcliffe says:

    Elvis has always slept on the bed with me. He sleeps up by the pillow on the other side of the bed. Every single night since I got him. He either comes to bed with me or he comes in 5-10 minutes after I’m in bed. He settles down against the other pillow and then I usually turn on my side and curl my arm around the front of him. He always pulls my arm in with his paws and pushes his head into my hand. And purrs and purrs. It’s the sweetest thing ever. Beverly Leslie (his brother) sleeps at the foot of the bed but never stays all night like Elvis does. Every now and then Beverly walks up near my head, but he knows that’s Elvis’s spot and he won’t stay long (unless it’s the middle of the day… then he sleeps anywhere he wants on the bed). When I adopted Elvis (the first of the two brothers I adopted), I asked Brian (the guy I got him from) if Elvis slept on the bed with him and he said he had always kept the bedroom door closed at night, so no. So I think Elvis is enjoying every minute of sharing the bed now.

  4. katiekins91 says:

    Hello fellow crazy ragdoll cat ladies,

    Lyla sleeps next to my head or at the end of the bed on her mink blanket and sometimes I tuck her in lol. I have bought a few different cat beds and she’s never been interested in them and will only sleep on my bed at night.

    1. Kathi Branch says:

      Nikolai sleeps anywhere he wants. (He weighs 25 pounds and has that right, elephant in a china shop). He needs lots of room so he can stretch out on his back. His favorite is next to Daddy’s side of the bed. Beauregard is a little sneak. I have found him on top shelves of closets, in sinks, in his cat carrier?…., under sofa’s or on his cat tree top shelf being the top shelf kitty that he is. Sometimes they will “grace” me with a snuggle, and hang by my side for a while. But when it’s lights out Nik is on the floor next to Dad, and Beau is in the wind (sink, closet…).

    2. Teresa Reid says:

      So sweet that you tuck her
      Would love to see a pic of that!♥️

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    So while we are on the topic of sleeping cats and where they sleep – Does anyone kitty SNORE?
    Illaria Rose Peabody is SNORING in my ear loudly right now! It is a very sweet snore though. I love hearing it but was just wondering if anyone else’s kitties do this. Have never heard it from any of my other kitties in the past or even now except her.♥

    1. No snoring yet. So adorable that your Girly-Girl Little Puddie-Pie snores! Everything she does is SO ADORABLE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        Thanks Patti! She is so funny! She is so prissy, she would be horrified to hear herself! ♥️

      2. LMAO! So true! Miss Illaria Rose Peabody would absolutely swoon if she heard herself snoring! lol 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    2. Anonymous says:

      Simon snores too! Love it

  6. Teresa Reid says:

    First, must say that Charlie looks ADORABLE on that Peach Pillow bed and Chiggy looks so SNUGGABLE all snugged down in his little bed for the night!

    My 3 sweeties sleep on my king size bed on their own blanket in their own area. Gracie and Illaria sleep on the right/left of my shoulder/head area. Sometimes, they sleep down at the foot of the bed when they get on each other’s nerves and need some space. Miss Mari sleeps down towards the left-hand middle of the bed with her feet toward me. No one dares go near that area unless they want to get growled at and slapped off the bed!
    When my Angel was alive, she slept with me and 2 of my other cats at the time (Sammie and Chrissy). Sleeping beside me wasn’t enough closeness for her though. She would nudge my hand with her nose until her face was inside my palm. I would gently cup my hand around her face and that’s how we would sleep, with her face in my hand. It was a really sweet time and still miss her so much. Grace reminds me so much of her, it softens the hurt.♥

    1. thank for sharing =). i took that photo of charlie last night when i was writing the post!

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        You are welcome! Think that photo is one of his cutest ones! Just love his expression.♥

  7. my 3 sleep with me most of the time at different times of the night. it’s funny because almost always it’s a different cat that initially gets in bed with me. i wake up then during the night and either 2 of them or all three of them will be there. when it’s really hot out they don’t sleep with me as much. lately one of them is on the peach pet provisions hammock. all three of them love it. i also have a chair with blankets on it, a cat bed on top of a small table and sometimes one of them is on the couch on a super soft throw that i have. i love that the sleep with me most of the time. sometimes it gets crowded but i don’t want to move and disturb them (isn’t it so weird that we do that?) and i will wake up sore from being in one position for so long. my black and white always wants to be really close to m face too and when he is shedding.. ummm, not too fun! my grey tabby likes to sleep on my back (i sleep on my stomach) and when he starts fluffing me it’s wonderful! kitty massages are great!

    1. i wish charlie would fluff me on my back! thanks for sharing – love it.

    2. Teresa Reid says:

      That is so sweet about the kitty massage on your back! Love it!
      Know what you mean about not wanting to move because you don’t want to disturb them. Hate it when they all get in their respective places and are good and relaxed. Then I have to pee! Oh NO! Hold it as long as possible and even tell them, “PLEEEEASE don’t move, OK?” But, as usual, as soon as I get up, Illaria follows me in to sit on my lap, and then Gracie looking like she is still asleep, and sometimes even Mari who is genuinely perturbed —–So, then whole process of getting comfortable and back to their sleeping positions starts all over! Whew!♥

  8. Hawkeyes mom says:

    Hawkeye slept by my head when he was a kitten, but now he sleeps in several places. He sometimes sleep inside our couch, and sometimes on the floor in the front room close to the entrance to the kitchen. Other times he sleeps on top of our bookshelf. I wish he slept with us. My husband is a big man, Hawkeye is probably afraid he’s going to get rolled on.

    1. thanks for sharing – how does he sleep INSIDE your couch?

  9. Loki sleeps with me most every night..he has the bottom right side all to himself. Once in a while he’ll sleep on the floor by the bed.

    1. thanks for sharing – are you on the left, then? rags would sleep the side opposite of me, by my feet.

  10. ponderit@bellsouth.net says:

    My three cats take turns sleeping on the bed with me and on chairs and in the sink in my bathroom. When I get up during the night, Lila, the middle cat in age is nearly always on the bed. My old cat is usually there when I wake up. The baby-1 year-starts out on the bed, but jumps down when I turn off the light. She usually sleeps on the chair in the corner of the bedroom. They play musical cats!

  11. Ruth Marbert says:

    Since I got My Charlie as a kitten at 9 weeks old, he has had his own two room sleeping area. It is our upstairs guest bathroom with separate toilet & tub area and sink area. His bedding, food, water and toys are in the sink area, and his litter box is between the toilet and the tub area. We decided before we got him that we did not want him sleeping with us. He is trained since then to go upstairs with me each evening with his special freeze dried Whole Life turkey treats as a lead into the room. I close the door and he stays in there quite content until the next morning when we let him out. He has 4 foot fuzzy soft sling like perch he sleeps in.

  12. Andrea McGarvey says:

    I’m never certain. I’ve tried to sneak up on them using my cellphone as a light but they always hear me and come to meet me in the hall. I believe Sammy is the biggest vagrant. He naps in a number of places and I think he does the same at night. But, he always ends up in bed with me in the early morning hours and he is at his most affectionate during those morning visits. Sophie prefers my guest bed, living room foot stool or top shelf of their cat tree. At times she will sleep with me but is a non-snuggler. She lies close enough for me to rub her tummy or scratch her chin. Cats are weird but boy do I love my two.

    1. thanks for sharing – all these insights are so interesting!

  13. My cat Tobee sleeps on a small folded quilt on two stacked storage bins in my spare room or lately in my bureau drawer which he asks me to open for him. Or he may sleep on a large flannel pillow I made him which is on top of a small shelving by a window. Many nights, sometime in the night he comes and sleeps with me for a while. Lynn in CT

  14. What a great discussion topic, Jenny! Miss PSB doesn’t sleep with us in our bed either. Although, she will visit us in the bed throughout the night (jump on my hubby’s stomach if he’s sleeping on his back to “make bread” OR she will curl up between our legs in the middle of the bed for a few minutes. She will sleep in our bedroom near the doorway on the floor. She just lays on the carpet right NEXT to a Peach Provision hammock I have set up for her (cheeky girl!)! But mostly, she sleeps in the living room when we are asleep…forever guarding and protecting Her Kingdom. She has about a bajillion places she naps throughout the day, too. But her fave spots for sleeping are on her footstool (a rattan ottoman with cushion which has her kitty blankie that came with her when we adopted her), on her “steps” (which I’ve talked about before) and on her Infinity Scratcher (finally!). She also lurves to curl up on top of the back cushions to the loveseat in our living room and our den. 🙂

    I wish LIKE CRAZY that she would sleep with us, though. Sigh…. All of our previous kitties used to snuggle down into bed with us and one of them would snuggle under the covers and lay right next to my hubby all stretched out with her belly parallel to his torso. I’m hoping as she gets older she may decide to try sleeping with us in our bed. My hubby points out that we move around a lot in our bed changing sides and getting up and down for nighttime bathroom visits and all that movement is what prevents her from sleeping in our bed with us. (And that we were much younger when we had our previous kitties so bathroom trips weren’t as frequent, etc…). Good point, hubby dear. But, this gal, is still hopeful. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. ha ha ha on the nighttime bathroom visits – and yes, mine have a plethora of daytime sleeping positions. and those change seasonally too!

    2. Teresa Reid says:

      Yes, ALWAYS be hopeful. Bet she will surprise you one night!♥

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