Where Do You Buy Ragdoll Cat Drawings?

So you want to buy Ragdoll cat drawings? An option is to go online and find your favorite artist. With so many amazing drawings and illustrations, you should be prepared to spend some time browsing. We have a few suggestions to start your journey to finding the perfect cat drawing. Here are a few artists whose work primarily focuses on cats, whom we hope you will enjoy!

Realistic or Abstract Cat Drawings?

There are two central styles you will find for cat drawings. The realistic ones depict feline beauty as closely as possible to the actual cat model, while the abstract ones display cats through the artist’s imagination. To help you choose between realistic and abstract cat drawings, take a look at the artists below:

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1. Ivan Hoo Does Realistic Cat Drawings

This Singaporean artist specializes in realistic drawings and paintings, and his work’s level of detail is awe-inspiring. You can find Ivan Hoo’s work on his Instagram and Facebook pages. He also posts videos of him drawing, so you can see how these stunning pieces come to life.

If you want to purchase one of his drawings or commission him to do a personalized piece, you can contact him on social media or email him. If you want to learn more about Ivan Hoo, you can read our interview with him.

Ivan Hoo Cat Artist Painter IMG_5245

2. Rachel Parker Does Watercolor Cat Paintings

Specializing in watercolor painting, Rachel Parker’s work is a blend of realistic and abstract. She aims to display the subtle details of beauty in her work, details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Rachel is a self-taught artist. She has been drawing ever since she’s been old enough to hold a pencil, and she learned a lot from her mother, artist Gretchen Parker.

In 2000, she began painting, and since then, she’s gathered a lovely collection, which you can browse on her website. Here, you can also purchase prints or contact her regarding commissions. To discover how Rachel started painting, read our interview with the artist.

Cat Portrait Artist An Interview with Rachel Parker (4)

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3. Linvistov Do Hilarious Cat Drawings

Started by illustrator Landysh, the Lingvistov project has become popular for the hilarious drawings of everyday moments of living with cats. Throughout the years, the artist has expanded this collection significantly and created an amusing rendition of what it’s like to be a cat parent.

Her work always brings a smile to the viewer’s face. These cat drawings fall into the abstract category, relaying Landysh’s unique view of cats. She also does personalized drawings. On the Lingvistov website and their Instagram page, you can see her drawings based on pictures that people sent to her. The site has an online shop where you can purchase prints and cards, mugs, and other items with her work.

Cat drawings by Lingvistov Do

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4. Kamwei Fong Draws Dream-Like Cats

You must love black cats. Kamwei Fong’s cat drawings display a minimalist technique. She uses black micro pigment ink to create cats as seen in a dream or a fantasy world. Her cats look so realistically fluffy that you’ll be tempted to touch the drawings to see for yourself. That is the level of detail she reaches in her work.

Since Kamwei Fong only paints with black ink, her cats are black and gray, and she has an extensive collection you can choose from. You can find it on her website, her Etsy page, or her Instagram page. You can also contact her and commission her for a personalized portrait of your cat.

Cat Artwork for Gifts

5. Geneviève Godbout Paints Cartoon-LikeCats

This Montreal artist’s work appears to be from the beautiful world of cartoons. There’s a certain magic to her work that takes you back to when you were a child yourself. Her style is classic, and her approach to drawing is timeless. Explore her work on her website or her Instagram page.

You can contact her to request a personalized cat drawing, which promises to be a Phantom-Tollbooth– like experience because Geneviève Godbout can take you with her into her world of imagination. Curious to see what you and your cat would like as cartoons? Contact Geneviève to find out.

Genevieve Godbout Artwork

6. Chorkung Does Colorful Cat Drawings

If you want to see more cartoon-like cat drawings, then take a look at Chorkung’s work. Her adorable cats are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Her drawings are very colorful and filled with life, and her cats have large heads, dewy eyes, and playful gazes filled with excitement.

This Thai artist has an extensive collection of impressive work under her belt, but her delightful cats have caught our attention. You can follow her on Instagram and contact her for commissions.

Chorkung Does Colorful Cat Drawings

7. Theresa Mtz Paints Humanized Cats

This Mexican artist uses watercolors to bring her fantasy cats to life. Her cat drawings are very colorful and expressive, and each cat has a well-defined personality.

Explore her watercolor cat collection to see her range and admire her technique. It features cats in human professions like doctors, chefs, aviators, explorers, mariachi, astronauts, and many more. You can follow Theresa on Instagram or you can go to her website to see more of her amazing work.


8. Siamés Escalante Draws Multicolor Cats

With a unique view of cats and other animals, Siamés Escalante has captured our eye with her colorful images. Her cat drawings are made using both watercolor and colored pencils, and they spark joy all around.

Follow her on Instagram to see her latest work to explore her portfolio. Contact her for a personalized drawing to see your cat in a new and brightly-colored light.

Siames Escalante Artist

We hope our list of artists has gotten you close to your cat drawing.

Do you prefer realistic or abstract cat drawings? Which of these artists do you like the most? Tell us all about your favorites in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m surprised for a person writing a piece about RAGDOLL paintings, you used a grey tabby to highlight your comments. I’ve had many ragdolls but to the uninitiated, they might look at the pic and conclude that’s what a ragdoll looks like. I hate this to sound like criticism but I do find it strange.

  2. Jennifer Ross says:

    I’ve been following Ivan for a long time now and absolutely love his work. I’ve also found another artist who lives in Africa and his work is brilliant. RickyArt Dampers – he draws/paints all different types of animals.

  3. WOW! SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME POST, Jenny honey! ALL of these amazing artists are incredibly talented. I LURVE them all! Their creations are STUNNING! I can’t pic a fave at all as I adore ALL of these abstract and realistic works! WANT THEM ALL…LOL! TYSVM for sharing this wonderful info with us! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

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