What’s The Best Cat Scratching Pole?

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best cat scratching poleOf course, I can only answer this based on the products that I have tried.  And hands down, Murphy, Caymus, Charlie and Trigg all think that the TopCat Scratching Post is the best scratching post. 

I love that it is not constructed with carpet.  The problem with carpet scratching posts is that when your kitty scratches on them, they come to discover that carpet is an acceptable material to scratch their nails on, which is not the case!

Sisal Cat Scratching Posts are ideal not only because of their durability but also because cats are attracted to the feel of the sisal on their paws and therefore are more inclined to use it.  They are also more inclined to use it because it is on a pole or post rather than on the floor – being a pole helps it mimic a tree.  And if you’ve ever watched Animal Planet when they feature the lions, then you have seen how even lions get on their hind legs to sharpen their nails on a tree!

Does your kitty have a favorite Cat Scratching Tree?  Where is it from?  Do you love it?  Why or why not?  Please share your experience with other readers by leaving a comment below or you can send us a photo of your kitty on his or her favorite cat tree!

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