What’s Included in Your Cat’s Litterbox Setup?

Ahhhh, the cat litter box, or in our case, litterboxES…always an interesting topic of conversation.  I wanted to do a post showing our setups, but also want to see yours! Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical know-how to have you upload photos, so if you want to explain yours in the comments section below this post and then send me ONE photo to post with it, I can do that.  Please send photos to info@floppycats.com – and let me know your screen name you use here, so that I can know where to post it. I have 5 litterboxes for my two Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg.  The rule of thumb, according to a vet I once interviewed, is 1 litter box per cat per floor of your house.  So in my case, I should have 6.  Of course, you have to use common sense here too  – if you have a 1600 sq ft home vs. a 3000 sq ft home, the floors and space is different.  Our home is small, so I have two in my master bath on the second floor and 3 in the basement.  There are no litter boxes on the main floor of the house.  Charlie and Trigg are also young (5 years old) and healthy and therefore have the ability to make it to the litterbox fairly quickly to do their doo.  But, for example, when Rags was getting older and going through chronic renal failure, I had a litterbox on the main floor of the house.  I do not have dogs or children, so I don’t have to worry about other animals getting into them.  So, if you do and have had to take creative means to separate them – please let me know! In the photos below, I have numbered the items you’ll find in our cat litter box set up area (and I took these photos just as the boxes are -without cleaning, etc) – including NVR Miss litterboxes, Litter-Lifter cat litter scoops, Precious Cat Ultra litter and Moonshuttle Blackhole Littermats – and then linked to them below. best cat litter box setup floppycats master bath and basement   1. NVR Miss litterboxes 2a. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Super Size Rectangular 30″ X 23″ (Dark Gray) 2b. Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Headshape 23″ X 21″ (Dark Gray) 2c. Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Headshape 23″ X 21″ (Beige) 2d. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Super Size Rectangular 30″ X 23″ (Beige) 3. Litter-Lifter Cat Litter Scoop 4. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter Eventually, I would prefer to have all of our littermats be the Moonshuttle Blackhole Littermat big rectangle ones, not the cat head ones (although they are cute) – they are just not long enough for our needs. So tell me about your litterbox setup – do you love it?  Hate it?  Need help with suggestions on what to do?  What products do you use that you just love?
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. teddy bear says:

    loved the article but have some questions I have always used litter boxes with the tops on them but my ragdoll Teddy is only 11 months and is close to 20 lbs so is having a problem with the size of them where did you get the ones you use (I need the store names I live in Canada) and also what is the name of the litter you like the best I am struggling with finding one I like (also need a store name) I look forward to learning more on this site Teddy is a crazy but lovable doll

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I remember a while ago you posted the cateco litter box website link on your facebook. I’m actually interested in the litter box but I can’t find a lot of reviews out there. Do you think you can have them send you one to review? I’m getting my ragdoll kitten at the end of august! 😀 Thank you!

    1. Hi Clara,

      I wrote to them, asking for a sample and here’s what they said:

      “We’re launching in about 2 weeks (available) so we can certainly send you a sample shortly after (or 2 so you can give 1 and use one!)

      The main problem is that we only have 1 size right now and it might be a little tight for a ragdoll (you tell us):
      The box is about 21” long by 16” wide, 7.5” High.

      Anyway, we can send one and you see if it works for you in terms of space! Hopefully it does so you can enjoy it’s amazing features 😉 Otherwise, we’re working on a larger one for next year.”

      So I said to wait until the larger one is available. Of course, if you are getting a kitten, the smaller one might work for quite some time. Congrats on getting your kitten at the end of August – what fun that’ll be.

      1. Ahh okay, I will just wait for next year and get the NVR Miss litterbox for a starter. Thank you so much for answering my question!

        1. sure, no problem. if you don’t get an answer from me, it’s because i missed one of the 300 notifications i get in a day. the best way to get an answer is to email me directly.

  3. i broke the rules.. like always. i have 3 cats and 2 cat boxes. i live in a 900 sq ft townhouse and i do not have the room for 3 litter boxes on each floor. i would have to have one in my bedroom and one in the guest room and that ain’t happenin. in my bathroom i have a box that fits perfectly in this little cubby that is under the sink. i have a large box with high sides, i don’t remember where i got it or what brand it is. probably got it at wal mart or target. i have a “litter lift” scoop (would never use anything else now), a little plastic garage can and i use my grocery bags in it and then tie them up and take them to the trash when i clean the cat box. i have an “arm and hammer” litter mat with scatter control. it’s a little hard to get all the litter out of it but i’m going to try blasting it with the hose and see if that works. i use a “dirt devil” stick vac to vacuum my bathroom floor from excess litter. the litter mat works great but i don’t think there’s any mat that gets all the litter from the paws. they always have to shake them it seems. they need to make a mat that grabs their feet, cleans them off and then lets them go. hahaha! downstairs, near my back door i have an “omega paw” self cleaning litter box. i don’t know why they call it self cleaning really, you have to clean it yourself! it’s kind of neat though. you tip the box from side to side and it filters the litter from the poop and clumped pee and deposits it in the little tray that you just pull out and dump. the only complaint i have about this litter box is that it is too small for a large breed cat. my black and white rag doll wanna be loves it but the front part of his body is outside the box when he uses it. it’s pretty funny but he uses it all the time. my other two will fit in it but the orange tabby doesn’t use it. he pees in the toilet upstairs and poops in that box. if i could get him to poop in the toilet and teach the other two, i’d be set! this box came with a mat that works pretty well too. it’s basically like a car mat with a raised cat face design on it. it’s easy to clean and catches the litter pretty well. i use “precious cat” cat litter, “worlds best cat litter” mostly. sometimes i pick up “tidy cats” multiple cat cat litter and sometimes “arm and hammer” instant clumping. once a month i dump the litter and wash the boxes with a little laundry soap, rinse them really well and then dry them really well before i put litter in them again.

  4. Deb Burlager Hagen says:

    Hi everyone! I am expecting my first ragdoll (first cat actually!) in August. I want to make sure that I manage this part of my kittens care correctly. I don’t want to have a house that “smells like cats”, if you know what I mean. Is the secret keeping the litterbox scooped daily and refreshing/cleaning weekly or monthly? Thanks for all of the recommendations!

  5. Fred Soetekouw says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I note that your litterbox setup consist off all NvrMiss litterboxes. Past reviews showed you using “storage” containers. I will be getting my ragdolls in August, is the recommendation to go with the NvrMiss? Will they be big enough?
    Also, how much litter is used each week/month for your two ragdolls? Thanks

    1. Hi Fred,

      It is wise to rotate out old litterboxes every few years – especially if your kitty has peeing problems.

      We reviewed the NVR Miss and were sent extras, so I sold the storage boxes.

      “is the recommendation to go with the NvrMiss?” You’re welcome to use whatever you think will work – of course.

      “Will they be big enough?” – Well, of course, they’re big enough for my two guys or I wouldn’t have them =).

      I do not know how much litter we go through in a week. Haven’t ever kept track. Hopefully others can answer that – of course, how much litter is used will also depend on their diet – if they’re on dry food, they won’t pee as much.


  6. I use the TidyCats Breeze Litter System which I cannot rave enough about! (http://d1rgby1m7uuvjr.cloudfront.net/is/catalog/62129,1431382385$SL1000$).

    It’s placed on a $1 clearance (don’t be jealous!) Ikea rug to keep it stable.(http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70075638/)

    I don’t use the scooper but I used dog pop bags, which are stored in a nearby cabinet, to pick up his poo. (http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KN0IC3Y?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage)

    Between the box and the cabinet is a skinny trash can – the only skinny thing in my house! – for the bags (& for which I used a coupon & it’s made in Canada so extra points for those keeping track!).(http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/umbra-reg-skinny-can-wastebasket/133048?Keyword=slim+trash+can)

    This is all in the master, and only, bathroom in the house which has it’s own door and a sliding pocket door from the master, and only, bedroom. At night we’re all in the bedroom with the doors closed to the rest of my mansion (don’t be jealous!), but keep the sliding pocket door open so Prossimo has access to the litter box at night.

    My house is technically two stories but the 1st floor is simply the entrance so I don’t count that. It’s also small (not technically but literally!) so I only have the one box.

    I have an outside Pet-a-Potty (http://assets.inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/pet-a-potty.jpg) on the balcony for Yoda (that’s not Yoda in the pic – she’s much cuter!!). I fill it with soilless sod. I suspect Prossimo uses this once in a while too (probably because he knows Yoda likes it and he wants to make sure she knows that everything here belongs to him!).

    1. RGDLVER75 says:

      I also use the “Tidy Cat Breeze System'” I have two Ragdolls, Sasha and Neo. I think it is the cleanest,most easy,and economical liter box materials I have ever used. My babies seem to love it as well.

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    I love your setup! It’s very similar to our setup (which is on a smaller scale since we only have one beautiful kitteh in our tiny apartment).

    We have:

    1. NVR Miss Litterbox and Van Ness Litter Mat (http://www.amazon.com/Ness-Trackless-Litter-Assorted-Colors/dp/B000UJW0W2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1434220255&sr=8-5&keywords=litter+mat).

    2. Nature’s Miracle Corner Litterbox (http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Miracle-Advanced-Corner-Litter/dp/B004N1NAMW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1434220593&sr=8-5&keywords=nature%27s+miracle+litter+box ) and Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat (http://www.amazon.com/Petlinks-Purr-Fect-Paws-Litter-Medium/dp/B00AQ4D0MA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434220493&sr=8-1&keywords=litter+mat).

    3. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Litter used here, too.

    4. Litter-Lifter used here, too (which is housed in an old empty Tidy Cats Litter container).

    Our litterbox setup works very well and I love it the products used to make it just perfect for our Miss Pink Sugarboo!

    I’ll send a photo later today.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    Miss Pink Sugar Litter Box Setup

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