What to Expect When You Bring New Kitten Home

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A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten HomeIt's extremely exciting to find yourself bringing home a new friend and member of the family. Unfortunately, this kind of change can be very nerve-wracking for the kitten, as well as other pets you might have in your home. Make sure you have plenty of cat toys for your new friend, although he or she may show no interest in them in the beginning. This is completely normal because stress can affect cats (and even us) in different ways. Likewise, your furry friend may not want to eat at first due to this anxiety. Have no worries! Just make sure you do keep cat food and some water out for him when he starts to feel comfortable enough to eat and drink. The important thing is that he drinks enough water. If he doesn't eat for the first day, that's ok. If this goes on for an extended period of time, however, call up your vet and explain the situation. It doesn't hurt to check in. Keeping some cat snacks on hand can also prove to be helpful.

If you do have other cats, you'll want to take the kitten and put all of his stuff (litter box, food, bed) in one smaller room for the first day or so, but make sure that the litter box is as far as possible away from the food. This will allow your new cat and old friend to get used to each other under the door. They will play with each others' paws without having the ability to hurt one another. This will also play into their natural curiosity as you have them thinking, "who's this behind that door? I must know!"

The problem with introducing your cats is that they can be quite hostile toward each other so you really need to keep an eye on them when they're around each other or things could get messy real quick! It is recommended that you do put a bed for your new kitten in a small enclosed area so that he feels he has his own private space. Kittens are easily overwhelmed, so giving him the option to retire to a calm, dark area will keep him from feeling on edge.

For more advice on choosing the right food and furniture, check out any cats book on the subject. When you bring home a new kitten, make sure you have provided essentials like a litter box and food and water. Besides that, speak calmly and soothingly to your new pal to warm him up. Don't be too worried if he's a bit aloof at first; just do what you can to ease his fears!

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