What Kind of Cat Litter Do You Use? How Many Cats Use Your Litter Boxes?

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Charlie in litter box
Charlie in litter box

After I posted the product review for World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula, I noticed all the different opinions about cat litter.

I would be interested in knowing what kind of litter you use – what you like about it, what you dislike about it, etc.

I’d love to make the most out of the Forums, so if you’re game, please post your opinions over in our Ragdoll Cat Forum about cat litter.

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  1. I used it in the spring it brought bugs into the house, but this is Fl and that is a
    fact of life down here.

    Have a question a ragdoll owner might be able to answer, I’ve one kitten who was
    the runt who has very short legs and long hair. Her tail is very long and very fluffy.
    Her legs being short she has a hard time standing, like her sister does, on the edge
    of the litter box with her tail out of it. As a result she drags her tail in pooh. She hates the booty baths. I hate it when I don’t catch that she got some caught in her tail soon enough. It doesn’t seen right to trim her hair so I am trying to find an article about what I can do. This happens even if she is the only one who has used a box or if she has used a box on of her siblings used so multiple cats is not the problem. Any real life experiences or solutions. By the way very short legsm but very agile, puts her deeper in the box.

  2. First I want to start out by stating how much I like your site. It’s very informative and expands several subjects. I myself don’t own any ragdolls or long-haired cats. Both of my kids are domestic short hair. Their names are Edward & Jaek. ^_^ Yes I’m a Twi-hard fan! ^_^

    I’ve had other cats before and back then I used two different types of litter, Pine and Crystal. I liked both for different reasons. Pine I liked b/c when you first use it there is no tracking!!!! After some time though, the pellets start to turn into sawdust and that did tend to track. One of the other down sides to the pine litter was that it did nothing for smell (specifically #2). I then switched to the crystal litter form & it was cool but again dealing w/#2 wasn’t so great. It absorbed the urine very well but did nothing for the other matter.

    Now I have a new set of cats some many yrs later. I started out with the basic clay clumping litter and then switched to the pine. However the pine didn’t work whatsoever w/this set of cats. One has diarrhea more often than not, so I need odor control and clumping action rolled into one. So I switched to Arm & Hammer’s line of litter. I used the double action one & it was okay but still wasn’t cutting the odor dept. So then I went w/Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control & fell in love! This litter really works. My only grips w/this litter are the following: dust & tracking. When scooping the litter the dust hasn’t been an issue. When first placing it in then it’s pretty noticeable. Well I ran out of some & went to Wal-mart to get some but of course they were out, so I picked up some TC litter. It’s odor is a bit strong but it seems to clump better than the other but tracking is still an issue. I also have to worry about the diarrhea.

    I’m hoping to find something that is affordable, effective, and safe. If you’ve any questions, please let me know. I’m always looking for input in these areas. Also, on a diff topic, any ideas about a good small vacuum for cleaning up small areas w/litter in a carpet? Thanks!

      1. I would just like to comment that I feel for my cats, and I am a breeder, that Fresh Step in a cattery is overwhelming. The smell is so strong! I could never use that around my kittens..or myself honestly. If you have any allergies or respiratory issues I would not even think about using it.
        Sorry IMOHO.

  3. We have seven cats and eight litter boxes ~ all of them are ‘hooded’ litter boxes. After many, many, many trials and errors, we found that the cats prefer the privacy of the covered boxes, they can’t kick out the litter, and I don’t have to walk by and view any poop. They get scooped twice a day ~ every day! We finally settled on Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free litter. It’s not horribly dusty, there’s no perfumed scent to bother the cats, and (at Walmart), it’s not really outrageously expensive. I just found your site and it’s great! Thanks and Purrs.

      1. Not if you put velcro on the bottom of their little bitty paws …
        We have a 4-bedroom/3 bath house and we’ve added on a 25′ x 12′ ‘Catio’. Four of the boxes are out there; one is in the middle bathroom; two are in the middle bedroom/cat’s play room; and one is in my husband’s bedroom. Actually, I need to amend my statement ~ the boxes are cleaned as many times as day as they are needed to be cleaned. I am, right now, attempting to lure & trap a feral kitty ~ get her spayed and find her a ranch to mouse at. Wish me luck!

  4. WOW! Not sure how to answer that. I can’t find my poop scale! I ‘think’ one of the largest ones out in the Catio. The kitty I’m trying to trap is the sister of one I just took in two months ago but I only got one of them and now, unfortunately, that one won’t come near me. I’m hoping the bowl of tuna draws her in. No kitty should ever live a life outside on their own, having litter after litter. If I get her, she’ll be my 6th spay/neuter capture in the past few months. I’m on a mission!

  5. Personally, I like the World’s Best multiple scented formula, it makes the litter box SO easy to clean. However I don’t like that it gets stuck in our kittens fur and that he tracks it all over the powder room. I might have to try the breeze system, seems like a lot of people enjoy it.

  6. I have used only World’s Best for my Ragdoll Tinkerbell (who came to live with us on November 5 2011). I love that the bags are light and easy to carry. I recently purchased the LitterMate and love that too!

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