What Games Do You Play With Your Ragdoll Cat?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie on Washing Machine
Charlie on Washing Machine

I was playing with Charlie the other day, similar to how I am playing with Caymus below in the video and thought, “Hey! I wonder what games other people play with their cats!”…so it became a blog post.  I’m curious, so please divulge!

I recorded this video before I really talked on YouTube videos (actually this was 11 days after I put Rags to sleep) and I drop the “S” bomb a couple of times – but basically, I like to drag things over their head – like a t-shirt or a piece of paper and it always makes them want to catch the item or bat at it.  Trigg is the first cat I’ve had that isn’t crazy about it, but has started to get into it more.  Charlie is a total slut for it though – loves to sit in the sink and then I take the paper from the weekly grocery ad and run it over his body and he goes crazy!  I think the sound of smashing that paper is intriguing for him.

This, too, is the reason why there are so many photos of Charlie on top of the washing machine on Facebook because he knows we’ll play if he’s on there with the clothes.


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5 thoughts on “What Games Do You Play With Your Ragdoll Cat?

  1. Nocatgirl says:

    Hi i want a kitten but my parents say no my house is suitable I’m responsible and almost off to high school how do I prove to them I’m responsible

    • Jenny says:

      Maybe since you are close to graduating and being on your own, you can save money for the kitten and your own place until you can have one yourself.

  2. Amelia says:

    My ragdoll cat is adorable. She has grown used to me waking up each morning and recognises the sound of my alarm clock. If i fall back asleep after my alarm has gone off she will jump up and bat me on the nose until i wake up again. When i walk home she is all ways in the tree at the front of my house waiting for me to come home. She shows us that dogs aren’t the only loyal animals.

  3. Carrie Wehmeyer says:

    Baby Kitty likes to hide in my large houseplants, then pop out when I say “Where’s Baby Kitty?” He never gets tired of it. LOL.

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