What Cat Food Do You Feed Your Cat?

Last Updated on July 27, 2013 by Jenny

Trigg eating from Loving Pets Bella Bowl Compassionate Valentine Red HeartsLet’s have a discussion.  What cat food do you feed your cat?  What brand?  What flavor?  Dry or wet? Homemade?  Raw? Cooked?

Charlie and Trigg eat Weruva, Tiki Cat and Nature’s Variety.  They also eat Whole Life Pet Treats.

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71 thoughts on “What Cat Food Do You Feed Your Cat?

  1. John says:

    Just tried Hound & Gatos chicken and my cats liked it. I would say about Hound & Gatos:

    Things I Don’t like:

    Dislike the number of thickeners/gums.

    Things I Like:

    98% meat.

    No added carbohydrates.

    No carrageenan.

    Avoids all of the ingredients that the company believes are linked with the illnesses in cats and dogs:

    No soy, grains, glutens, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, beef liver and chicken liver.

    • Dementia Boy says:

      My kids get Hound & Gatos every other day.

      I’d suggest to EVERYBODY that they keep a couple cans of this on hand, even if your cats don’t like it.


      It’s easy to force feed, without resorting to a hand-blender and a lot of water. It’s a very calorie-dense food, a mousse-like pate, and if your cat needs to be force fed, you want calories.(Compare calories in H&G w/calories in baby food or a/d) It syringes up easily.

      In fact, I’d suggest that everyone make a trial run of force feeding their cat(s) before the necessity actually arises.

      (1) Buy several 30-35 ml. curved tip syringes. With an Exacto, cut off most of the tip, leaving about 1/4″.

      (2) With a hand blender, puree your cat’s usual food in a small bowl, adding water if necessary. (If you already add water to your cat’s food, you’re one step ahead of the game.) Add probiotics or whatever you usually use at meal times. Because of tummy upsets, it’s always best to use your cat’s regular food(s). YOU CAN SKIP THE BLENDER STEP WITH H&G.

      (3) Syringe up. If the syringe sticks, you need to puree some more.YOU WON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM W/H&G. You may need to add more water. Or you may want to consider another food for force feeding purposes.

      Lots more info can be found on the assisted feeding group, but I just wanted to suggest this experiment for people who’ve never force fed a cat before.

      It’s important to change syringes frequently–once a day, if your cat isn’t eating on her own at all–because the cat will bite the syringe tip, which makes it raggedy and painful between teeth (if any left) and gum.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    Aww, you’re a nice kitteh, Janet. But even my daughter’s boyfriend said that I’ve been particularly offensive this week. I think that’s a defcon level up from my usual arrogant curmudgeonry.

    Your cats were LUCKY to have grocery store stuff 30 years ago, lol. The only grocery store stuff my first cat ate was the dogs’ Alpo and frosted flakes (when one or the other of us had forgotten to pick up the Alpo). Otherwise, he ate leftovers, heavy on the garlic and onion. We eventually upgraded Max to Hill’s, available exclusively at the vet’s, which we considered a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. (Notice the use of “we,” not “I,” the lack of accountability.) This was when Hills wasn’t adding taurine to cat food and cats were going blind and developing heart problems. No internet then. No recalls. No form letters. Just a blurb several years later in Cat Fancy. Max was fine, those fortified frosted flakes preparing him for anything life and his food dish had to offer. He was approximately 23 when he died.

    Time to obsess on cat litter. ..

  3. Dementia Boy says:

    If I insulted anyone with my cat food comments, I am truly sorry. I had hoped that my comments showed (1) I had read and seriously thought about others’ posts and (2) I have a peculiar feline household with peculiar dietary requirements. But sometimes my thoughts and typed words are at odds.

    I know that people on this forum research their cats’ food, that they are careful about what they put in their cats’ bowls and mouths, that they just don’t toss out a handful of “Purrific Yum-Yums” in the morning. And I know that people are sensitive, and rightly so, to what may be perceived as attacks on their choice of cat foods.

    Many great foods were listed, foods, unfortunately, that I can’t feed my clowder. That doesn’t mean that I think they’re junk (although I do think the Chicken Catciatorri is strange). My 24-year-old and remaining 18-year-old simply can’t eat certain things, no matter how “good” they are. My 16-year-old eats what the others eat–so far, so good. And they’re all terribly overloaded on carrageenan. I know this.

    Cats, like humans, are individuals. Peanut butter, for example, is a healthy sandwich filler for most people, but for some it causes anaphylaxis and death. Yeast causes vomiting, diarrhea, bladder inflammation and other problems in my Jolie. Yet great foods and supplements are loaded with it.

    It’s interesting to see what others feed their cats. And it makes me realize, once again, that my hooligans are fragile, no matter how outwardly healthy they may appear.

    Again, I am sorry if I inadvertently offended anyone. I meant only to insult myself. =)

    • Janet Knowlton says:

      Dementia Boy – I seriously hope no one is offended by anything any of us say. As you said, just being on this forum pretty much indicates we all care about our kitties. If I go back 30 years to what I was feeding my cats then? OMG, the worst grocery store stuff. Information was not available then or we have become so much more health conscious towards our pets and ourselves. Now I obsess over all this. You are so funny and quite knowledgeable. It’s great to have people comment like you do. Hey, if the beast won’t eat the best of the best, then we have to do the best we can. My kitty of 15 years ago was so picky it was ridiculous. Fancy Feast only. This new guy of mine doesn’t care what he gets so I am lucky I can feed him the best! I think it’s so great to have a forum like this so we can have these discussions! Please don’t stop commenting! I love your posts!

  4. Dementia Boy says:


    Except for Nature’s Variety and Hound & Gatos, I feed few (none?) of the foods that other educated cat owners feed.

    I see a trend here of high protein, low fat, low carb/residue food with NO CARAGEENAN.

    I feed lower protein, high fat, low carb/residue food CHOCK FULL OF CARAGEENAN: Evo 95%, By Nature 95%, Natural Planet Organics, and a few others. No, I don’t like carageenan. Yes, I write to the manufacturers.

    Why do I feed this junk?

    (1) Because Evil Kitty tolerates it and she is the weakest link in the chain. Dr. Nels Pederson (sp.) of UC Davis wrote a lengthy article about Evil Kitty in 1998 when she was three. By that time, she’d had a complete thyroidectomy, most of her teeth removed, multiple bowel and bladder surgeries, multiple bladder distensions via cystocentesis, and additional surgeries to remove scar tissue.

    (2) Because I’ve always fed some of it, at least since 2003 when I gave up dry, even though better foods have been introduced and tried-and-true foods have changed their formulae, not to the better. This information has been right in front of my nose and I haven’t paid attention. No, I’ve been too busy with my spreadsheets, microscope, Doppler, pH strips, stethoscope, syringes, things that make me feel that I have control over the uncontrollable. It is not so much that I have been in a rut as I have been on a hamster wheel.

    The more I read, the more I realize that I have to switch to a raw or homemade diet. I have been reading the anti-raw, anti-homemade articles, the most compelling of which (in my mind) is Wysong’s. By “compelling,” I mean that Wysong brings up issues that I have worried about, e.g., the freezing/defrosting/refreezing of medallions,chunks, etc. (It is always good to read “the other side” so that you can anticipate and alleviate possible problems.)

    My household composition will change dramatically this month. Tomorrow I say goodbye to the Supreme Diva, Evil Kitty’s sister. Depending on the cats’ reaction to her absence, Dementia Boy will soon follow. This will leave Evil Kitty and Saint Iz. Iz can eat anything, but Evil Kitty cannot. So I will still buy food based on Evil Kitty’s severely compromised immune system.

    Based on what some folks have written, I’m going to try Weruva. If Evil Kitty can’t handle it, the canyon ferals will have a special treat. But my search for fatty, carageenan-free food continues, at least until I transition to raw/homemade, which I assure you will not be based on liver and egg.

    • Janet Knowlton says:

      Dementia Boy – what percentage is considered high fat in canned? Now you have me wondering if Instinct is ok. It better be because we have those beautiful #4 poops! It’s 10.5% protein and 7.5% fat. OK or not? I thought kittens needed more fat anyway. Mine if 4.5 months old. What do you think????

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Yes, 7.5% is a very respectable amount of fat. (I feed my cats Instinct, too.) Because it’s really MORE than 7.5%.

        OK, get ready for a spin on the hamster wheel. =)

        7.5% is what you see on the can. A cat food with 7.5% fat has a lot more fat than 7.5% and a whole lot more than a cat food with 5% fat. Most canned cat food is approximately 78% water. So what you have to do is subtract the water and then add up all the dry ingredients so that they equal 100%. What began as 7.5% fat *may* be 60% fat. HUHHHH??!!

        Easier figured out than explained. Many manufacturers’ websites have “dry matter analysis” or “as fed analysis” pages. They do the figuring for you. Or you can call/write and ask them. There’s also a formula whereby you can do it yourself. I don’t have a web link, but I’m sure you’ll find one if you Google “wet cat food dry matter analysis formula.” The cat.info site also has dry matter analyses for many cat foods.

        What’s irritating if you’re trying to figure it out yourself is when the moisture and the dry ingredients don’t add up to 100% on the can. The difference is usually, but not always, ash.

        Did this make any sense at all??!! Shutting down for the morning but will be back.

  5. Jessica says:

    I recently added Hound and Gato’s canned food to the mix, after seeing it on the natural cat care blog. I bought a case of chicken and a case of rabbit, and so far, they have been eating it! I don’t think they love the chicken that much, but I did notice that they seem to really enjoy the rabbit. The nice thing about HG’s is that their rabbit is sourced from the US, instead of China (like NV instinct). The only downside is that they are not available at many places. I asked my local cat specialty store a few times to carry it, but they refused… 🙁
    I was only able to find them online at pet360.com/petfooddirect.com.

  6. Davidia says:

    I recently brought home a kitten and the breeder recommended Earthborn holistic (grain and gluten free) or Fussie Cat. I have been feeding Earthborn Chicken Cacciatori canned with a bit of Earthborn Dry for the kitten.

    I also have an 8-yr old Siamese Lynx mix who I recently found out was misdiagnosed by my prior vet as having Stage One kidney disease. As it turns out, her kidneys are fine. I had been giving her Science Diet KD wet and dry, but am now transitioning her to the Earthborn, and have been giving her a bit of Merrick Sr. dry food. She likes the Merrick Sr. dry more than the Earthborn, but the kitten will eat anything you put in front of him.

    I would appreciate hearing Jennie’s, and anyone else’s, thoughts on Earthborn – pro and con.

    • Janet Knowlton says:

      My breeder also was feeding the Earthborn grain-free dry and the Chicken Cacciatori and also Fussie Cat. My kitten loves all of them, however, he had soft stools (not diarrhea) on this food. After a lot of trial and error I am convinced he’s allergic to chicken so I have switch to Instinct Single Ingredient Turkey. The poop issues have resolved thankfully. I think the Earthborn grain-fee dry is good but the wet food has carrigeenan (which is bad) in it so I wanted him off that no matter what. Fussie Cat is great though. Not many places carry Earthborn even though it is rated highly. Personally, I would stop the wet Earthborn and find something without carrigeenan in it such as Weruva or Instinct, as well as Fussie Cat.

          • Davidia says:

            Hi Janet. Yes. My kitten was born June 10. I brought him home to So. Cal. on Sept. 7. He is such a love.
            I am wondering though if you have been able to get your kitten’s soft stools under control? Unfortunately, my kitten came to me with severe and very stinky diarrhea and has only had a handful of what I would consider normal stools despite being on probiotics and trying different foods for reasonable periods of time. He has been off of the Earthborn recommended by this breeder, and she too has taken her cats off of it stating they were gassy. I mentioned to my vet that when I picked him up from the breeder, the litter box in his playpen was full of waste which concerned me. Given his problem with diarrhea, my vet immediately tested for parasites which was negative. A couple of respected breeders I have spoken with have told me this testing is not enough and that he needs further very expensive testing for Giardia/TF, etc. One of these breeders told me I need to quarantine my older cat away from the kitten. I have very directly asked my breeder – twice – if her cats/kittens have had, or have, a problem with Giardia/TF, or any like condition, in an effort to help my kitty, but she has not answered this important question. Since I have been unable to get a response from her, I just spent an additional $310.00 on the test for Giardia/TF, etc., as recommended by the other breeders. My understanding is that a kitten should not leave a breeder’s care with diarrhea, and that it is the breeder’s responsibility to know if her kittens have diarrhea.

            Sadly, there were other issues that made me realize I had not chosen the right breeder for us. She did bring in another breeder to mediate my concerns, and ended up refunding one-half of the purchase price as I had requested. Personally, I would not purchase from her again as the experience has been very frustrating. I hope you had a better experience. Anyway, I was just wondering if and how you got your kitty’s soft stool under control. Thank you.

          • Davidia says:

            Janet – My 8-year old cat threw up for the first time in the 7 years that I have had her, and she had diarrhea tonight. I am hoping this has to do with a change in food and not the same thing that is going on with my kitten. I will email you my telephone number.

    • Jenny says:

      I have only fed Earthborn to my cats once – they both threw it up, so I didn’t give it to them again. My mom’s cats like it. I am NOT a fan of dry food for cats. Read catinfo.org. HOpe you get some more replies.

      • Davidia says:

        After a week or so on the Earthborn Chicken Cacciatori, I find that both my Ragdoll kitten and 8-yr. old cat absolutely love it. They both devour it. When I initially brought the kitten home, he had a bit of diarrhea, but that issue has completely resolved. I am working on transitioning to no dry food. I find that if I mix the Chicken Cacciatori with a tiny bit of dry food, my 8-yr. old eats the wet food and leaves the dry behind.

        I was using the dry food (a teaspoon to tablespoon full) mainly in-between meals just to hold them over to the next meal. What do others do in-between meals if only feeding wet food?

        • Janet Knowlton says:

          As I mentioned above, the only problem with the Earthborn wet is that it has carrigeenan in it…not good. You may want to find something else or plan not to feed that too often. My two cents worth.

        • Davidia says:

          Update: I had run out of the Earthborn Chicken Cacciatori (which the breeder had my kitten on) and substituted with Merrick until my case of Earthborn arrived. I noticed that my 16-wk old Raggie’s stools were better formed and less stinky. Reordered the Earthborn (which both of my cats devour), but after three days back on it my Raggie kitten has had horrible diarrhea today – in the litter box at least 5 times. Spoke to my vet who prescribed a probiotic, so I hope that works. He’s back on the Merrick (which I could quickly purchase at Petco) until I determine whether to give him something else. I mixed in some extra water for hydration. He’s still very playful and happy, but I can’t imagine he feels very good. Thankfully, I was able to return the case of Earthborn and receive a credit for a nice toy. Unfortunately, they only have Earthborn in stock.

          • Davidia says:

            Yay! Tootsie roll poo today! No watery, stinky mess. I guess the Merrick and the probitics have worked.

            When I visited another small local pet store last week whose owner prepares/cooks food for her own dogs, she said she is a special order only store now because there really is no commercial food she feels comfortable recommending. She did say that foods containing meat from New Zealand is very good because they have the highest quality grazing sources. She did have a few cans of ZiwiPeak in the store and thought that might be a good choice. Has anyone tried it?

    • Dementia Boy says:

      I tried Chicken Catciattori last month. I always sample my cats’ food and this one made me gag. Top Ramen noodles (chicken) in an overpowering gelatinous goo that smelled vaguely of chicken and strongly of something unidentifiable but unpleasant (probably the potato starch). It stuck to my teeth just like dry food.

      I watered it down and mixed it in with some Nature’s Variety, smooshing some of the NV to make a decent gravy. The cats were fine with it–I dreaded the thought of wormy-looking vomit–but I was not. I just don’t see any reason for this product’s existence.

      This is my honest, really honest, opinion. Sorry if I sound brutal =(

      • Janet Knowlton says:

        Dementia Boy – You crack me up about this and your post further down. You are so right on chicken catciattorri! We are strictly on Nature’s Variety Instinct Single Ingredient Turkey now because my kitten is allergic to chicken, as discovered by trial and error. This single ingredient turkey has been a miracle and we have the most beautiful solid poops now! Sorry for being excited about poop but after a month of pudding poops I was at my wits end. It is a hamster wheel out there and all I can say is we try to do our best under the circumstances we have. The knowledge NOW from 10-15 years ago is incredible and it what is driving us crazy too!

        • Dementia Boy says:

          Oh, Janet, NEVER be sorry for waxing ecstatic over a lovely poop. That’s what separates cat owners from…whatever we are. A perfect cat poop is a thing of beauty,a cause for celebration. In one of Dr. Jean’s articles,probably the one on constipation, she has a poop poster. I want that poop poster, matted, framed, and hung in the master bathroom where most of the cat’s litter boxes are. A perfect poop is a “4”. When I see a “4” poop, especially one that hasn’t been covered over, I become positively giddy.

  7. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    I don’t have cats, but at parenting-furkids I’ve already had the mantra “If not raw, then grain-free wet.” drilled into me. So, if I saw any of the ferals looking like they were missing meals, I’d probably just put some of Vlad & Barkly’s raw meat out on a rock for them–at least until the cat-rescue lady could come look at them again.

  8. Janet Knowlton says:

    Another Recall!!!! This is getting ridiculous!

    Posted: 07/31/2013
    Last Updated: 16 hours ago

    NEW YORK – Pet owners pay attention — a major pet food company announced a recall.

    Natura Pet Products issued a pet food recall after the FDA found salmonella in one of their products.

    They are recalling pet food from all of their product lines, including food for dogs, cats and ferrets.

    If you have any Natura Pet Food products, throw them out immediately.

    To get a full refund, you need to cut the UPC label, expiration date, and product code from the pet food bag and mail it to the company.

    Here is a complete list of products from the FDA recall:

    — Innova Dry dog and cat food and biscuits/bars/treats: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

    — EVO dry dog, cat and ferret food and biscuits/bars/treats: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

    — California Natural dry dog and cat foods and biscuits/bars/treats: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

    — Healthwise dry dog and cat foods: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

    — Karma dry dog foods: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

    — Mother Nature biscuits/bars/treats: All Lot Codes, All UPC’s, All package sizes — All expiration dates prior to 6-10-2014

  9. Wendoline says:

    We’ve got two cats in the house right now. Our ragdoll kitten, Kismet, that will be 5 months on 8/14 and our rescue bombay/angorra mix, Darjeeling, who’s a grown, regal queen of 3 years.

    They are both primarily on a diet of raw food, Nature’s Variety chicken formula to be exact, with various brands and varieties of quality wet food mixed in there too. Namely Wellness CORE, Wellness Grain-Free, Merrick’s and randomly, when I can find them or as treats, Weruva and BFF.

    Treat wise, I still have probably 3lbs left of the Wellness CORE indoor formula in kibble form from when we first got our rescue (more on that below), which is my primary treat form. Once that’s gone though, it’ll be gone. I also have the Wellness grain-free chews (only the kitten will eat these, Jee is not a fan of their texture, since they’re not crunchy) and freeze dried chicken breats, though the brand varies depending on what our pet store is carrying. I lucked out last month at Petsmart and found a dog sized bag of treats and bought two, so we’re still going through that. Again, only the kitten eats them. If it doesn’t crunch, Darjeeling has no interest in it. Ergo some Greenies and temptations that are still left over from our transitioning.

    As for raw food, depending on the size/age of your cat, pretty cost efficient, because they do get full so fast. One bag of 48 chicken medallions from Nature’s Variety only costs ~$17 (the other flavors are more). Even if you get two bags, that’s still less that buying a case of the better brands of wet cat food for roughly 4 weeks worth of food. Suggested recommended serving for a 12lb cat of average activity is 4oz=4medallion, so each bag would last 12 days/grown ragdoll. Of wet food, a cat that size would probably need about 2 5.5oz cans, minimum. A case of 24 of Wellness runs upwards of $30. You’d need at least two case to get through a month. That’s almost twice the cost. It only gets worse with kittens, who eat twice as much.

    What I really like best about nature’s variety though, aside from the fact that it’s easy to find in most pet food stores, is that they have various convenient ways of serving it. They have bites, which are bite size pieces you could scoop like normal kibble, there’s 1oz medallions, there’s patties and also chubs. I personally prefer the medallions, only because it makes it so much easier to calculate feedings! I just pull the necessary number out of the freezer the night before and put them in the fridge in a tupperware and by morning they’re good to go.

    I’ve found that the easiest way to transition to raw food is to mix it in with some regular wet food. It also helps with the temperature a little bit, since canned food is at room temp, which is preffered. NEVER HEAT RAW FOOD IN THE MICROWAVE!! That’s the worst thing you can do, since heating will cook the bits of bone and make them brittle and could cause your cats to choke. Raw bones are fine cause they’re rubbery, so no one gets hurt.

    Now, the reason I mix raw with wet, namely wellness Core, is twofold. With the kitten I mostly do it so she doesn’t fixate on any one particular food flavor/type in case we ever need to switch down the line, per vet’s recommendation. She’ll eat plain though, but I think that might be cause that’s what her breeder had her eating, albeit the rabbit formula (which I wont buy, since the rabbit is apparently sourced from China?!)

    With our rescue Darjeeling though, it’s because she’s the pickiest cat on earth and, I’m convinced, was raised on dry food. When we first got her in Feb, we had to set about weaning her off dry food altogether and switching her to wet. I can’t tell you how many cans and brands and types of cat food I went through those first few months. Everything from Friskies up to Blue and back again. She hates anything that isn’t in pate form. Darjeeling would rather starve than eat diced/chopped/minced anything. This is also goes for all types of fish. If there is even the hint of fish in her food, she just wont eat. In this testing phase, I did try feeding her straight raw food, just to see if she’d go for that maybe, but she didn’t. Basically, she didn’t want to eat any wet food for a while though, no matter the brand or quality. I tried everything, from a light sprinkle of parmesan (she’d lick at the food, at least) to crushing up temptations treats and sprinkling them (she would just lick them off the top layer, though a little more vigorously than the parm), embedding treats (she’d just eat that one part) until I tried the Wellness CORE indoor formula brand. That was my holy grail, I swear.

    I did notice that a little bit of cut up wheatgrass sprinkled on top also helped. Just be moderate in the amount you use because too much fiber will make stools too loose, which can get messy, especially on longer haired breeds. A sad fact learned first hand :c

    Since she liked that one so much, I slowly started changing the ratio of wet to dry food. Naturally, she protested and cried a lot when her kibbles started disappearing faster and faster (this is by far the hardest part of the transition process. It’s so hard to listen to them cry), but after a few months, the transiton was complete. Now she’s open to a few more flavors and brands, but still pretty narrow range. So now we’re in the midst of transitioning her over wholly, or mostly wholly, to raw food. Every week or so we’re increasing the ratio of raw to wet. The kitten has helped the transition process simply by virtue of being a food thief and eating Darjeeling’s food as well as her own, which has lead to a hungrier, slightly less picky cat.

    and that’s the end of my way too long comment, I swear.

    • Dementia Boy says:

      This is good information. Had you fed your cats–love their names, BTW–any of Nature’s Variety canned before trying Nature’s Variety raw? I’m hoping that if the furry monsters smell something vaguely familiar, they’ll be more inclined to go with the raw version.

  10. Geo says:

    I have researched feline nutrition for several years now and have tried all the best premium brands. I have put in a valiant effort to get them to eat only the healthiest food and yet my boys are tremendously finicky. They have rejected most of the foods I’ve attempted to feed them!

    Right now they are eating 4 wet meals a day: Fancy Feast classic chicken (what a burn!), Halo Spots Pate Chicken and Wellness Core Chicken and Turkey. I also give them Primal Chicken and Salmon daily as a topping for their wet meals. And plenty of Whole Life freeze dried chicken treats as well. Sometimes I give them Merrick Before Grain canned Salmon. And I try to sneak in a can of Life’s Abundance, which they’ll eat only if I douse it with treats or put Fancy Feast on top!

    Lately, they will not eat Weruva nor other Wellness grain free varieties. And the kicker is that they won’t eat the Primal frozen Rabbit medallions that I spent close to $40 on! Into the garbage it goes, time and time again.

    In between meals they eat Young Again low carb, high-protein dry food. Imo, the best dry food on the market.

    • Beth says:

      I feel your pain, Geo! I’ve tried many expensive foods but Fancy Feast Classic Chicken Pate is the all-time favorite. Whatever my cats don’t like goes next door to my neighbor who has a herd of kitties left over from fostering for the now-defunct local humane society. They aren’t as picky as my brats so the food isn’t wasted – but it’s certainly frustrating to buy “premium” stuff and see them turn their cute little noses up!

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Fancy Feast Classics were a staple in my house until just recently. I found out the formula was changed in 2010 and the phosphorus is much higher. If phosphorus isn’t a problem for you, keep feeding it. I still keep a case on hand for emergencies.

  11. Yasmin says:

    I feed my kitten Royal Canin Kitten dry biscuits, which he has access to all day, and then I feed him raw meat in the afternoon (steak, lamb or pork so far). This is my first kitten so if anyone has any great advice it would be greatly appreciated!
    Also I know cats aren’t meant to have dairy, but he loves cheese so much, and he hates any cat specific treats, which makes it difficult when i’m trying to give him his food mazes. Does anyone have any ideas, i’ve tried so many different types of treats and he leaves them all?

    • Beth says:

      Prince Charles – not a Ragdoll, a big black alley cat – is crazy for cheese! He’ll eat half my salad to get a few shreds 🙂 Cheese could be bad if your baby is lactose intolerant or has constipation problems but otherwise it’s probably fine in moderation. Chuck is a rescue of indeterminate age but very handsome and healthy 🙂

  12. Sandy Wuerch says:

    We Feed Wuerva and Go and like a few others as well.We worry about recalls as many of the top brands had this recently.When they get bored we add a new one we like the look of.We feed am and pm also.
    We have tried Raw often but no lick so far.Here in Ontario Canada we are limited in this area.Nature’s Variety Instinct has just created a Raw and we got our trial coupon so we are going to give it a go!We add digestive enzymes in powder form to our soft food.I also use Whole life freeze dried for treats as well.

  13. jagplf says:

    I’ve got six cats, 3 are Ragdolls. They all get the same stuff…in the morning, 1/2 c. each of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken ( that’s the only one that’s still 12 pounds, the others went down to 11!!), and about 2-3 TBSP of EVO chicken and turkey wet food at 9pm. The only one that’s different is my oldest, Nairobi. She gets raw white meat chicken about 3-5 times a day, or as much as she wants..sometimes up to 1/3 lb! At 21, she’s entitled! The others won’t eat raw, except once in a while the 16 year old will eat a piece or two of her chicken if she leaves any in the bowl, but not if I give it to him directly..lol

  14. Teresa says:

    Am really glad to see the forum here to bring awareness of different high quality foods and how their kitties like it.

    Mine eat the following:

    Soulistic Good Karma (chicken) doesn’t contain anything bad except some carbs
    Tiki Cat – Puka Puka – Have to say I could eat this myself as it looks and smelled exactly like canned human-grade chicken.
    I mix both of these together and give them 3 equal shares am and pm together with enough water to cover the food.

    Am really working hard to try to combat the dreaded kidney failure or any other kidney problems, especially since we have a 9, almost 10 year old Maine coon who is now on the cusp of her geriatric years. Ever since I was made aware that cats don’t drink enough water on their own, have made it my policy to add water to all of their meals. Just like in humans who don’t drink enough water, cats are prone to get UTI’s and other problems, so want to try and avoid that if possible. For far, it is working out great and they are all healthy and lean and muscular. At first, I thought they would balk at it, but they have really embraced it and love the broth it makes from the chicken pieces.

    Use BB Wilderness dry for a treat now and then, but will stop when the bag is done and want to switch to Whole Life Treats.

    Am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Whole Life Tail Mix for cats. Has anyone been able to get any of that yet? Would love to know where to get it online. Thanks!

  15. Connie says:

    I feed raw. I made it myself for years now I buy bravo.

    I used to fed ‘premium’ kibble.. Felidae to be specific, and I ended up with one diabetic cat and two who blocked with urinary crystals. Removing the plant based ingredients from their diet did wonders for both of these medical conditions. My diabetic cat’s insulin need dropped dramatically and one of my urinary boys hasn’t had another issue (the other has, but it is all food related, this boy LOVE inappropriate food)

    Cats do lack the digestive enzyme to properly break down carbohydrates and to extract the nutrients from them, so adding plant based ingredients and saying they are a good source of X nutrition does not take into account that cats are obligate carnivores. Food manufactures know that you believe fruits and veggies are healthy (and they are for you) so they expect you to believe that cat foods that have them must be better than foods that don’t.

    “Grain free” is a great movement as well, but it too has been corrupted by those looking to make money. If you look at the ingredient list you will see that grain free foods have many other plant based ingredients to make up for the lack of grains. Potato starch is the main replacer.. pea is another. Neither are healthy for cats..

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      connie – how did you transition them to raw? i would love to get mine on raw, but no luck. i agree with the reasoning and would love to have them on raw not only for them but also for their teeth.

      when you made it yourself – what recipe did you follow?

      • Janet Knowlton says:

        Wow. Now I am reconsidering everything thanks to Connie!!! Haha. What do you know about Feline’s Pride raw? I don’t want to make it myself. I have never ever considered raw until after reading all about it on catinfo.org. I do worry about the possibility of parasites etc. I guess that’s my only real hesitancy. I feel like now I am more confused than ever! I had a plan and now it’s been shot out of the water!

        • Wendoline says:

          Not Connie, but a fellow cat lover that feeds their kitties raw for the same reasons as Connie 🙂

          My way of thinking is that even leaving out raw food for a little while, chances are it’s still going to have less bacteria on it than a wild mouse or rat that’s been running through grass and dirt and gods know what else. Since that’s what they would be eating if they were let loose outdoors, I wouldn’t stress about it too much (unless your kitty’s already got senstive tummy issues that might get aggravated).

          Because the raw food tends to fill them more than most other foods, chances are they’re not going to eat it all in one go, especially kittens. Still, I’ve found that even the kitten tends to eat her entire servings within an hour, two at most, of being served. I can’t say I’ve had a single problem with her in the almost two months she’s been home with us.

  16. Beth says:

    Our cats eat mainly canned food: Fancy Feast and Friskies. At the moment they prefer pate. Once in a while they’ll lick the gravy off shreds or pieces and the neighbor’s cat gets the rest of that kind of food. They are SO spoiled!!! I also feed Purina Naturals dry, something to graze on… between four of them, they eat about a cup and a half a day at most. They enjoy a few Party Mix treats sometimes. Also they like little chucks of People Food – bacon, chicken, or any meat my husband is eating 🙂

  17. Stacey says:

    Our cats eat Purina One Beyond. For treats I like to get freeze dried treats for Snowball but he’ll eat anything put in front of him. Fiona won’t touch anything other than her food and can’t be tempted with chicken, tuna, ham, or anything else.

  18. Lynn says:

    I”m still looking for the Holy Grail of canned food- I can’t seem to find anything that Andy, my orange tabby will eat consistently. He’s under weight with asthma and hyperthyroid at 16 years old. He loves gravy and will lick gravy off of most food and leave the food. Emily will eat pretty much anything, but I ‘d love to get them both on some high-quality canned food. Will try some of the foods mentioned in the above comments!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Lynn!

      Our 15-year-old girl is hyperthyroid, too. She’s been on medication for almost three years and what a difference it has made 🙂 She’s back to normal weight and acts like a kitten again – no longer skinny, scared and cranky! I couldn’t force pills or other oral medication on her but she does fine with a gel that goes in her ears. Good luck to Andy!!! I’m glad your vet identified and is treating his condition 🙂

      • Lynn says:

        Thanks, Beth- Andy is on the transdermal medication in his ear, too. It’s so much easier than pills and he actually likes having his ears rubbed! He also gets prednisone for his asthma via transdermal, so his ears are kind of messy, but since he’s impossible to pill, it’s the best way. He eats well, but I still can’t get his weight up. Maybe a few more months of medication will help.

        • Beth says:

          After all this time, Holy Tara still darts around the house when she knows it’s Medication Day (every other day and she’s well aware of which day that is). I think she plays Catch Me If You Can just to tease me and make a game of it 🙂

          Prednisone often causes weight GAIN in humans; I hope it will work that way for Andy. It’s very effective but has lots of side effects. My husband and several friends have been on prednisone at various times. We’ve used prednisone in pill and injection form for other cats, none currently. I didn’t realize it was available as a transdermal; thanks for telling me, Lynn!

          • Dementia Boy says:

            Duh. I forgot to mention that, until yesterday, I had a hyper-T cat and this helped keep weight on her.

        • Dementia Boy says:

          Hi. A nice, calorie-dense food with no carrageenan is Hound & Gatos, available through Pet Food Direct. It’s not a gravy food, though. It has a mousse-like texture which some cats find objectionable. I resolved this problem by mixing warm water into a hamburger-like food, e.g., Nature’s Variety Instinct, and pouring the whole mess over the Hound & Gatos.

          It’s difficult to find high-fat foods without carageenan, though.

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Laughing. Yes, we’re all looking for the Holy Grail of canned cat food. If we ever get close to it, we’ll recognize each other by zombie eyes, scratched and scarred arms, and fur-covered clothing. I hope we recognize it. (Worrying: What if it’s a drug store brand, has some goofy name like Kitty Ka-pow!!, and costs 3/$1.00, and we just sniff and pass it by??)

    • Sandy Wuerch says:

      Lynn…I have some that like the juices like U describe also,so I get the Wueruva paw likin chicken and cut it up with a knife and fork…lol I know sounds like allot of work but its not. Looks and smells so good I don’t mind.This is usually a fab Here.Then I use a piece of the freeze dries chicken bits from Whole life ect and crush a little over the top….that makes MOST of mine eat anything that is under neath.Start with a little and see how it goes??

  19. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny:

    We feed our lovely Pink Sugar kitten (who will be 10 months old on August 2nd and now weighs 12 pounds!) Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Chicken & Brown Rice Kitten Food. It’s a dry food (kibble) mix that she adores.


    1. We started out feeding Sugar the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten 36 (a dry food formula) which is what Andra, the lovely owner of the Little Apple Ragdolls cattery, was feeding her at 16 weeks of age.

    2. After about a month or so we began to transition her over to the Blue Buffalo kitten kibble formula, as my sweet hubby did some research and felt that Blue Buffalo provided Sugar better ingredients (no corn, no gluten…) to “inhale.” lol Our “little” baby girl isn’t so little anymore.

    3. We have also tried to feed her some premium canned food but she’s not that interested in it. She prefers her kitten kibble!

    Warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar (who says “I lurv my kibblz!”)

  20. Janet Knowlton says:

    I have just done tons of research on this subject as both my Labs got very sick from Wellness canned food. I have been a fan for years but not any longer. Lots of recalls lately too on most of the big companies, including Wellness. We are getting a kitten in two weeks so I wanted to find the best out there. I was looking for food without byproducts, fillers, grains, sugar and carrigeenan. Not too many out there. I settled on Weruva for wet food and Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline for dry, which I won’t give too much of. The breeder is giving the kittens Earthborn wet but it has carrigeenan in it so I’ll switch to Weruva. When you start looking at ingredients it is crazy how much bad stuff is in most of it. Science Diet is one of the worst…and of course the vets all sell it and push it as they get kickbacks from it.

    • Connie says:

      Congratulations on the kittens!

      May I recommend some more reading for you in feeding kittens? catinfo.org and feline-nutrition.org

      • Janet Knowlton says:

        Yes I have read all this. The only reason I want to add just a little dry as I read somewhere nothing but wet is bad for their teeth. I would mainly feed wet. It is all so ridiculously overwhelming. I just can’t do raw. What do you suggest? What would you feed a kitten if you weren’t doing raw?

    • Tara says:

      Ugh! Science Diet is the worst? I’ve done so much research but it seems like I just can’t get the right combination.

      • Janet Knowlton says:

        Yeah – look at the ingredients. All those ones like Science Diet, Iams, Hills are horrible. We have all been lead to believe they were so wonderful…because our vets sell them. I feel the same way right now. Not sure what the heck to do. 🙁

  21. Coinneach says:

    My three share a large can of Spot’s Stew for breakfast and dinner, and snack on Blue Buffalo Freedom. Greenies for treats, no more than two each daily.

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      i need to reduce mine to two a day. i do 5 a day. have you read the pkg? it is insane – suggests something like 20+ a day for a 14 lbs cat.

  22. Laura says:

    I have Hubert, 2 year old male, and Alice, 1 year old female.

    Hubert’s my first cat; when I got him, I was feeding Newman’s Own. They now eat mainly Merrick, I still have a couple cans of Evo 95% that I’m done with once they’re gone. I do get some Weruva as a treat, as well as Nature’s Variety kibbble.. They don’t get too much of that. I am looking to add another wet food to their rotation.

    For treats, they have some Greeenies, as well as Stella and Chewies freeze dried duck. If I’m making dinner, and there are some “scrap” chicken pieces around, they’ll get that as a treat.

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      i give charlie and trigg 5 greenies every night and have noticed we have tar poop again, so i might have to stop that.

  23. Tara Jones says:

    Stinky eats Iams hairball, weight control, indoor cats dry food – and it’s out all day. She also eats between one and two cans a day of Science Diet Mature wet food, Tuna & Chicken flavors. She also has greenies treats as well as purina dry hard treats. When Roxi comes home, their food will change, and I’m starting that gradually so Stinky’s system isn’t jacked up. We have a month and we’re working on it now.

  24. Jerri K says:

    Mostly canned in the pantry:

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Delights
    Weruva Cats in the Kitchen (cans only, no pouches)
    Wellness Healthy Indulgence pouches (tuna only)

    For dry (less than 1/2 cup a day for three cats):

    Orijen Cat formula


    Whole Life freeze dried chicken
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness grain free treats

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      thanks, jerri, for sharing, i know we talk about it often through email, but i like for it to be on the net too!

      • Jerri K says:

        I find it interesting to see what everyone feeds their kitties!

        I forgot to mention for the forum – that all of the food I feed is grain free, gluten free and carrageenan free.

  25. Jessica says:

    I do almost all wet. In the spring/fall/winter I mix some NV instinct raw or stella and chewy’s freeze-dried (raw) to my kitties’ canned diet. Currently, my cats are eating:
    1. Newman’s own 95% chicken
    2. NV instinct venison
    3. Merrick BG 96% salmon
    4. NV pride chicken
    5. Wellness signature chicken with salmon
    6. By nature rabbit stew
    7. Weruva cats in the kitchen chicken frick a zee(??)
    8. Soulistic good karma

    1,2,3 are the “main” meals, and 4-8 are used as food toppers or as a midnight snack 😉

    They also get about ten pieces of dry kibble as a treat, in addition to hairball chews and freeze dried chicken treats.

    I’ve been waiting to try hound and gatos 98% varieties, but it seems like every time I check they are sold out!
    Have you by any chance reviewed them?


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