What Are Some Silly Ways You Play with Your Cat?

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What Are Some Silly Ways You Play with Your Cat? I know the usual stuff like playing with strings and cat toys, etc…but I am looking for more of the silly things like these:

Ragdoll Kittens Playing With Bed Sheets


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  1. Oh, the things we do to play with our kittehs! Lurved the videos, Jenny! So funny and adorable! 🙂

    We do lots of baby talk with Miss Pink Sugarbelle and also play on the bed with her. She loves to play when we change the sheets or make the bed. She especially lurves to play peek-a-boo with the sheets or even the bed pillows. Hilarious!

    It’s amazing how she responds to the tone of our voices when we play with her. The more baby talk I use with her the more she seems to preen and stretch and roll around (like she’s just hypnotized by the soft, high tone of my voice).

    The silliest thing I’ve ever seen though is how she makes my big, tough (but sweet) hubby become a complete slave to her every need. All she has to do is give him that sweet Ragdoll face “look” and he melts. Every…single…time. Love watching THAT! He’ll talk softly to her and coo to her and she just eats it right up. I don’t know whether to laugh or just cry because it’s so darned sweet. Really is an amazing sight watching them together. She’s definitely a Daddy’s Girl all the way!!! 🙂 <3

    1. That is the cutest thing about your hubby and Miss Pink Sugar! You ought to film that sometime. Love how Miss Mariposa here does that to her Dad too! Just yesterday, he was outside working in the yard, and she was plastered to the window crying out for him. Just the cutest thing when he finally came in and she was crying for joy when he picked her up and kissed and hugged her.

      1. Thanks, Jenny & Teresa! 🙂

        Teresa, I love the stories about Miss Mariposa and her daddy! So sweet! I totally understand it. When my hubby leaves to run an errand Miss Pink Sugar just carries on for about 5 minutes and then seeks me out for a soothing pet/cuddle & sweet conversation. She’s very affectionate with me when Daddy is gone. 🙂 <3

  2. Emily pulled the toy part off a wand toy a long time ago and her absolute favorite thing is for me to run the stick part of the broken toy back and forth on the stairs. When I run it in the crease between stairs she does a backwards somersault off the stair above to get it. Of all the expensive and clever toys she owns, this is her favorite thing to do. We call it the “black stick” (very clever, right?) and it’s a never fail amusement.

  3. all of those are so cute. i love that wild look in charlies eyes on the bed. my cats love that game too especially when i’m making the bed. they want to go under and one of them will stay there until i get it completely made then he will tunnel his way out. i used to have a cat that would play chase with my bf. he wouldn’t do it with me but he would with him. they would tear through the house.. that cat was like a dog with the chase game. i also had a cat that would fetch. she loved to fetch pens. another i had loved to play throw and catch with cellophane. if she heard it being scrunched up she would go crazy. i like to wrap them up with christmas paper during the holidays too when they will just NOT get off the paper. watching them fight their way out is hilarious. i’ve also done the “tmi” .. it’s so funny how some cats have to be a part of EVERYTHING you do.. hahaha!

    1. Love the wrapping them up! That is hilarious. Will have to try that on the 2 babies, Miss Mari would be like Jenny’s guys and would probably bite me! (Not hard of course, she just does that to make you know she means business!)

  4. My ragdoll loves to play catch me if you can. She will meow at me, turn sideways and hunch her back. I move like I’m stalking her and she takes off, stops to see if I’m following, then runs. Favorite place is to run up the stairs, get down low to stalk me. As I come up to get her, she hunches sideways, jumps then flops for a belly rub. She also goes crazy for the end of a stick, a little weird but she loves it.

  5. Illaria and Gracie love to play when we change the sheets. Illaria gets really fired up when I make the sheets billow up and down and she throws herself down and actually dives into them. So funny, cause then Grace sees her “bump” under the sheets and jumps on top of her. They both like to get my feet when I move them under the covers too. Grace’s favorite thing is right before bed, she gets the “zoomies” and she runs through the house like crazy, up and down the stairs. We play hide and seek then too. She loves for me to play hide and seek with her and throw her mouse down the steps. She jumps off the landing and down the stairs she goes and will sometimes fetch the mouse and bring it back to me.
    Mariposa, the Maine Coon, will start making this low, guttural sound, like wah, wah, wah, and I know exactly what it means – it means that she is bringing me a toy!!!!She doesn’t actually know how to play, but brings me things. She will bring it and drop it right at my feet. So endearing and precious of her even more because she has found a way to communicate to me that she likes me even just a little.
    Got a book about clicker training a while back and have worked with her some to build a better relationship since she sees any kind of play as aggression. (She is declawed and was chased and bitten by an outside tom in her back leg before she was rescued 9 years ago.) Was really surprised how well she has taken to it. She knows how to sit and can jump from one chair to the other on command. She seems to really like it and is eager to please when treats are involved. Think it has made us closer and she will now allow me to kiss her on her head after 9 years here and not growl back at me.

    1. Aw, I love how you interact with your sweet babies Teresa! Your love and patience is really paying off with Miss M. That’s wonderful about her bringing you schtuff. A definite sign of affection and trust. 🙂 Plus, the clicker training sounds amazing! Head kisses are The Best! I lurve to give those to Miss Pink Sugar, too! 🙂 <3

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂

      1. Thanks Patti! Miss Mari has definitely come a long way since she was rescued. Can’t imagine the trauma the poor girl suffered being declawed and defenseless against all her predators who hurt her so severely. Seems like the Clicker Training has made her proud of her accomplishments and we always make a big thing about it when she does her “tricks” by giving her lots of treats and affection. Just lately, I have found her sleeping in the crook of my legs at night, but she gets up and acts like she didn’t do it! So funny, but little by little and maybe some day, I will win her heart even if it is just a little.
        Please give Miss Pink Sugarbelle our love and kisses too!

      2. Hi, Teresa!

        You and your sweet hubby have certainly made so much progress with Miss Mariposa! You’ll definitely have her love and devotion bit by bit in no time! You do such wonderful things with your babies!

        Hey, I just noticed that I owe you a big, fat FB message! I’ll work on getting you caught up on everything since Henry and Jessica came for a visit. I’m too tired to think right now but I’ll work on that tomorrow!

        Big hugs & lots of love to you and your gang!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      3. Thanks Patti! You are the sweetest girl. Your Miss Pink Sugar is doubly blessed to have two caring parents who take such good care of her and give her all the love and attention she could ever dream of.

        Know you’ve been extra busy with things and no worries. You just rest and make sure you are feeling well. As always, love hearing from you as it just makes my day! ♥♥♥

      1. Would love to see Chiggy “zooming” if you ever do get a chance to video him. Yes, that sound that Murphy and Mari make – isn’t that unique – It almost sounds like they are in pain, but it is their distinct call to tell you they are bringing you a special present.

        The book is called: “Trick Training for Cats” Smart Fun with the clicker(Bringing You Closer)” by Christine Hauschild. It is here on Amazon:

        Here is the link for the clicker:


  6. I should know the “answer” to this question as I was reading about it when Zen was scooping out fuschia sparkly pom-poms from a pyramid of pom-poms about 10-15 years ago. Certain colors were mentioned, but all I remember is that cats purportedly cannot distinguish red from other colors. Zen also liked pink and red pom-poms but showed no interest in other colors. So at least two cats – Zen and Ellie’s Merlin – not only can see red (pink being a tint thereof) but *prefer* red to the exclusion of other colors.

  7. Almost all my silly games with cats are done at floor level, with me on my side or lying on my back. I think this makes the cats feel more comfortable.

    (1) Spin the kitty. William the Ragdoll liked this game as did several of my other docile cats, but most of them did not. When the cat is flopped on tile on vinyl, you just spin the kitty.

    (2) Paint brush: Tickle your kitty. Gently poke his paws or stroke his chin. Or run the brush from head to tail base. Different brushes have different effects.

    (3) Lie on your back and do really stoopid things. Just breathe deeply from your diaphragm and see if that attracts any attention. Sing or snort or yell, “Halp! Halp!” (I have to be careful not to sound really distressed with Nurse Izzy.) Pile kitty’s favorite toys on your tummy. Pile toys between your arms/torso and legs and then do jumping jacks quickly from a horizontal position, making it difficult for kitty to capture a prize. Blow bubble gum or bubbles. If you have canvases or stiff poster board, put it on top of yourself and then a nanobug on top. (Try different angles if you can keep your feet up with a hefty cat or three on top). Be your cat’s victim.

    (4) Custer’s Last Stand: If you have a small one-person tent, enclose yourself inside, zip it all the way up, and, on all fours, ram yourself against the sides, the top, do everything short of knocking it over so your cats can see movement. Soon you will hear curious paws. Amp it up. Then upzip the tent, stick your head out and roar. Adrenalin-surged predators will rush in.(I haven’t used my tent in years, but it’s in the cats’ playroom.)

    (5) Child-sized play pool: Even if your cats don’t swim (mine do), this is good for loading with toys, partially blown-up or water-filled balloons,stuffed animals, dirty laundry, pillows, anything that allows your cat to burrow and jump up like a jack-in-the-box. Your part in this–messing everything up so that an attack paw will surface. Bat at the attack paw. If you have a hot tub, you can use the pool as a boat. I am trying to find better boats.

    (6) Metronome, cat-height: Need I say more? Your part is to change the speed. DON’T play this game with neurologically impaired kitties, ESPECIALLY those with seizure disorders.

    (7) Box the kitty: See Jenny’s recent video.

    (8) Burrito kitty: Roll kitty in a baby or lap blanket. Then quickly unroll the blanket.

    (9) Look like an idiot: See how your cats react if you put on a Halloween mask, googly eyes, space antlers, a fake beard – you get the idea.

    (10) These might just be toys: Lots of fun things you and kitty can do with a kid’s chemistry set (I use a grown-up’s), fog machine, hour glass, non-toxic silly string, Russian nesting dolls, dominoes, Legos, boiled spaghetti (not for ingestion), battery-operated back scratcher.

    (11) Play hide and seek with Yeoww! bananas. Turn your home, or a room in your home, into a puzzle toy.

    1. What awesome ideas, Josie! Thanks for sharing these with us! Your kitties are so luck to have such a creative & fun Mommy! 🙂

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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