What a day!

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After a particularly rough day at the office I came home, headed to the bathroom, sat down, and there was a knock on the door with a muffled child’s voice on the other side. I answered, "Is it bleeding?" "No." "Is it hanging funny?" "No." "It’ll wait 5 minutes." No sooner had my daughter left when my son knocked on the door. Again, a muffled child’s voice and I repeated, "Is it bleeding?" "No." "Is it hanging funny?" "No." "It’ll wait 5 minutes." He left and the next thing I hear is "Meeee-owwwww…" and see a paw sliding under the door trying to get in… I couldn’t believe it…that had never happened before. I got up, opened the door and in she scooted. So much for a few moment’s respite. 🙂

Kitty’s Name: Ari
Name: Joan Gallo
Where: Tulsa
E-mail: gwydlir@hotmail.com

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