West Paw Hemp Bumper Bed: One the Best Beds for Cats

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West Paw Design Hemp Bumper Bed Large 37 by 32-Inch Dog Stuffed Bed, CoalAnyone who knows about Ragdoll cats understands that these gentle felines enjoy a comfortable place in which to lay their head.  Many prefer their owner’s bed for their frequent siestas but the West Paw Hemp Bumper Bed is ideal in comfort and resilience when considering beds for cats.

The bed is filled with an IntelliLoft ®fill which is durable and helps the bed maintain its shape and comfort over time. IntelliLoft is made from 100% recycled materials.  This reengineered fill makes the most of reused plastic bottles which would have gone to landfills; so you are helping the environment and your furry companion.

Its covering is made of hemp, which is ideal for pet beds because it is stronger than cotton, the design of many pet beds. Also, because pet bedding should be washed frequently you will be glad to know that the hemp covering can withstand many washes without wearing out. You simply zip off the covering and toss it into the machine.

This bed is one of the safest cat products of its kind. The bumpers are designed to hold your pet securely in the bed and give them a sense of safety and security. Also because felines are known to rest almost 18 hours in a single day your cat will have the perfect spot to spend its sleeping time.

The neutral colors of the bed blend right into any home’s interior. The beds also come in three different sizes making it perfect from kittens up to full grown adult cats.


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