West Paw Eco Nap Pet Mat

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West Paw Design Eco Nap Dog Flat Mat, Emberglow/Bungee, Medium 20-Inch by 28-InchRagdoll cats are known for sleeping in upwards of 18 hours in a single day. To provide a cozy place for these numerous siestas there is the West Paw Eco Nap Pet Mat. This mat is one of the best cat products in its group because it is durable, convenient, comfortable and stylish.

The mat is durable because the interior is made of IntelliLoft ®a 100% recycled product derived from consumer-used plastic bottles. This sturdy fill helps the mat to keep its shape and structure and prevent bunching. This is also a perfect way to reduce the carbon footprint in the earth. The exterior is made of a soft comfortable material that will keep your cat cool and satisfied.

This mat is safe for those felines that have allergies. Both the interior and the exterior of the mat have been tested for potential toxic chemicals by a third party. You can rest easy that your pet will not only be comfortable, but also safe.

This mat is light weight and easy to clean. The entire mat can be put in the washing machine for a fast cleaning and will yet maintain its shape and comfort. Are you constantly on the go? Well the mat can be easily folded and towed in your vehicle.

It comes in five sizes and colors, which makes the task of choosing one for your home or office an easy one.  When you are looking to find the best beds for cats the West Paw Eco Nap Pet Mat will make both pet and owner happy.  

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