West Paw Design is a Great Choice for Those Looking to Go Organic and Sustainable

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West Paw Design is a really neat company because of the care they put into making a quality product that is IntelliLoft - recycled fiber fillnot only the safest for your pet but the safest for the Earth. WPD uses only organic and recyclable materials for all of their product lines. This is a huge commitment to quality and the environment.

Without having to skimp on their high quality, West Paw Design offers products that combine recycled materials and functionality. For example, the IntelliLoft filling used in their beds for cats is not only a premium product, but is also 100% recycled. They actually manage to make a soft filling from plastic bottles. While this may seem like a feat, the real miracle is that the super soft and stylish IntelliTex fabric is 85% recycled plastic bottles!

This is a company that has proven it’s dedication to the environment by reusing every fabric scrap and cardboard box in their manufacturing and packaging to reduce their footprint. Not only can your pet sleep on or play with a designer product, you can feel good knowing that the item you bought will not be more junk taking up valuable space on our planet.


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