Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food – Review by Floppycats.com

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Arrival of Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food
Arrival of Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food

Several weeks ago, we rec’d Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food in the mail.  They sent us:

  • Minced Chicken Dinner in Gravy
  • Sliced Salmon Entree
  • Cubed Tuna Entree
  • Cubed Turkey and Salmon Entree

Since we were only sent 1 can of each of the flavors above, it was hard to judge if they really liked this Wellness Brand cat food.  Because, as you well know, your kitty can eat the first can of food and then decide thereafter that they don’t care for that flavor (only after you’ve bought a case, of course).  So, unfortunately, I cannot report with accuracy if they liked a specific flavor, but of the 4 cans sent, they were all opened at the same time and given to Charlie and Trigg at the same time, and they did finish all of them.

Wellness Sliced Salmon Entree
Wellness Sliced Salmon Entree

Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food is, yup, you guessed it, 100% grain-free and contain no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

It comes in the following flavors:

Wellness Minced Chicken Dinner
Wellness Minced Turkey Entrée
Wellness Minced Tuna Dinner
Wellness Sliced Turkey Entrée

Wellness Sliced Chicken Entrée
Wellness Sliced Salmon Entrée
Wellness Sliced Turkey & Salmon Dinner

Wellness Cubed Sliced Grain Free Canned Cat Food
Wellness Cubed Sliced Grain Free Canned Cat Food

Wellness Cubed Tuna Entrée
Wellness Cubed Turkey & Salmon Entrée
Wellness Cubed Salmon Dinner
Wellness Cubed Turkey Dinner
Wellness Cubed Chicken Entrée

After interviewing Susan Thixton of truthaboutpetfood.com, I asked her what the standard questions are that she asks pet food manufacturers. Here they are – with Wellness’ responses about the food discussed in this review. Questions are credited to Susan Thixton.

What is the country of origin of ingredients?

Our ingredients are primarily sourced from the United States and Canada. There are many high quality ingredients available in the U.S., however, sometimes ingredient quality is higher from other countries or in some cases, sourcing from the U.S. isn’t an available option for us (or even the vast majority of pet food companies) because, for example, supplies are limited.

Our ingredient breakdown by geography is as follows:

  • U.S. and Canada: 98%+
  • Europe: less than 1%
  • Asia: less than 1%

What is the country of origin of the vitamins and minerals?

If the pet food has a meat meal (such as chicken meal), does the meat meal contain muscle meat only or does it include bone and internal organs? If the pet food has a fish meal ingredient – what preservative does the fish meal supplier use on the fish meal?

The new Wellness canned cat food contains no meat or fish meal at all.

Do the pet food cans contain a BPA lining?

The Cat Cans are completely BPA/BADGE free

Where are the foods made? Does the plant have any special certifications?

We require all suppliers to meet stringent requirements and adhere to the highest standards. Exceeding even the strictest requirements from the FDA, we are determined to go further, to do better and to take as many precautions with our pet food, as is taken with food for humans. We require all of our manufacturing partners to have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) program and pass a quality audit by NSF–Cook & Thurber, the leading human food auditing firm. Our manufacturing partner is also audited by BRC (British Retail Consortium) – one of the highest recognized international audit groups.


Here is the video I captured of Charlie and Trigg trying out the Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food for the first time:

Do your kitties eat Wellness?  Have you tried this new cubed, sliced and minced variety?  What do you think is the best canned cat food and why?

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14 thoughts on “Wellness Cubed Sliced and Minced Grain Free Canned Cat Food – Review by Floppycats.com

  1. Jen says:

    I started feeding my cats canned Wellness after a recommendation from my vet. I just had two elderly cats that died from kidney failure and was looking for a grain free food. Well after eating the Wellness canned for 5 years, my 9 yr old cat was diagnosed with cancer of the intestines. My other cat only licked the leftovers from the cans and was diagnosed with abdominal or stomach cancer. She was only 12.. I really believe that Wellness canned contains BPA in the can linings based upon my experience. I have had many cats over the years and these are the only two that died of cancer. They were also the youngest that I lost. Just my two cents.

  2. Lisa Reier says:

    Is it safe to only feed Wellness canned for Ragdoll Kittens & Cats? When you feed raw, do you just offer say a chicken wing in their bowls? Thanks Lisa

    • Jenny says:

      Lisa, my recommendation would be to check out http://www.catinfo.org and you’ll then need to make a decision based on your lifestyle with your cats. It’s a controversial topic, but catinfo.org will provide a lot of educational information for you to make your own decision. Thanks, Jenny

  3. Denise says:

    Tessa will only eat Wellness Healthy Indulgence Turkey and Duck. She LOVES the gravy especially. She is one finicky eater. Will look at the sliced variety.

      • Pamela C says:

        If you sign up for the Wellness newsletter, they send out some great coupons,
        it is usually one per household for that month. This month they had a coupon
        for $1 off any wellness canned food and $3 off a dry food pack. Plus they
        have a coupon pack for sign up.

  4. Alissa says:

    Two other notes for readers (sorry, this is years of research coming through!)

    …organs are healthy and very natural. I would actually prefer that they be included in food, with the exception of the intestines.

    …most venison and lamb is sourced from New Zealand. Don’t know if this is true for Wellness but it probably is. NZ has a lot of farms for those particular animals and I imagine they are much better off over in such an open country than packed into some tiny farm in the USA!

  5. Alissa says:

    I primarily feed Raina wet Wellness (partly because I believe it’s a good brand and partly because its one of the only thing she actually likes). However, I do want to mention that meals can be beneficial. Whole meat vs. meat meal can be a complicated subject, and the trick is to make sure companies whose bags list meat as the first ingredient are referring to meat AFTER all the water weight has been taken out of the equation. Meals are negative in that they lose much of their nutritional value when rendered at a high temperature, but their protein content is much denser and higher than whole meat that is full of water weight. I believe it can be beneficial to have a food that has both meat AND meat meal in it.

    (Note: ALWAYS avoid the word “MEAT” on a bag. Meat can refer to any source of food, be it dead zoo or livestock, roadkill, euthanized animals/pets, etc. Your ingredient bag should always identify the meat, such as “chicken,” “turkey,” “salmon”, or “beef”.)

  6. Cindi says:

    Hi Jenn…I only feed Hanna EVO dry & Wellness canned food….Hanna loves the chicken & I’m keeping her on a grain free diet, so its all good! Hanna, being a true Ragdoll, suffers from food allergies & her system tolerates these foods wonderfully. (I thank you for this, as for years I’ve had Ragdolls with these issues & your blog educated me & suggested this diet. So, thank you!) Hanna says “Meow, thank you”…LOL. Cindi

  7. Ingrid King says:

    I’ve always liked Wellness, and have been feeding it for many years. Even though my cats primarly eat raw food, I do occasionally feed some grain-free canned food, and Wellness is one of the brands I feed.

    Allegra and Ruby recently reviewed some of these flavors, and gave them four paws up!

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