Why Is My Cat Drooling?

What Causes Drooling in Cats? Excessive salivation, also called ptyalism appears in two types of situations: – When the cat produces too much saliva. – When the cat is unable to swallow the saliva that it produces.

Exposure to Toxins If you see that your cat is drooling, this may be the first sign that your furry friend has been exposed to toxins. In most cases, a drooling cat is quite dramatic.

Oral Cavity Issues and Dental Disease If you have a drooling cat, it is a symptom of an oral and dental disease because the salivary reflex activates. Here are only some of the cases when cats drool due to issues of the oral cavity:

Foreign Body or Disease The presence of a foreign body in the cat's mouth might be preventing the cat to close its mouth all the way. That foreign body could be a splinter or a piece of bone. The salivation could be more intense depending on where the foreign body is.

Trauma to the Oral Cavity When cats get hit by cars or when they get into fights, they often get injuries of the oral cavity, which is usually associated with heavy drooling.

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Why Is My Cat Drooling?