Why Does My Cat Poop Outside the Litter Box?

It's common to find a cat that will pee inside their litter box, but poop outside it. Even the most well-trained cat will have these behavior changes due to a few reasons.

If your cat does poop outside of their litter box, it's best to clean the area with an enzymatic cleanser to deter continuing to use that spot.

What Smells Deter Cats from Pooping in Their Litter Box?

If your cat has loose stool, it's important to make an appointment to check for: - Parasites/Parasite Eggs - Pain while pooping - Anal glands that need cleaning

When to Take Your Cat to a Vet?

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Furry Butt Syndrome

Some long-haired cats might get poop stuck in their fur and they are very clean animals, so this can cause them to poop elsewhere. This is easily rectified by keeping the fur around their butt trimmed.

The Litter

Cats may reject the litter due to the type, the level, or the smell. A recent change may cause them to poop where they shouldn't.

Litter Scooping

Ae you making sure to get all of the past poop out of the litter box when you clean it? if not, make sure you are and it may cause your cat to poop in the box again.


A recent cat addition to the household may cause your cat to feel neglected, and this is their way of telling you. 

The Litter Box

The box itself may be too small, so swapping that out may suffice. It may also help to change the box to one with higher or lower walls, a clear box, or a covered box, to fix the issue.

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