Why Do Cats Scratch Around Their Food?

Why do cats scratch around their food? Pawing or clawing at the food is a natural and healthy activity.

How to avoid cats scratch around their food bowl? To avoid being eaten, cats would scratch to "fake cover" their meal and hide their tracks. They may even hide their dish with things such as napkins in some circumstances.

What Does the Scratching Mean? Even though there is no soil to scratch or move around, this behavior remains present in cats because it is related to an instinct.

Do Cats Try To Bury Their Food to Eat Later? Felines are not scavengers. They typically feed on as much of a carcass as they can eat in one meal after which they stop. Felines, including house cats, have a very strong sense of smell that can detect food that is not fresh.

Why Do Cats Cover Their Food Bowl? If they cannot bury their leftovers in the ground, they will keep them out of sight by covering them. Like leopards in the wild.

Possible Reasons Why Do Cats Scratch Around Their Food Bowl 1. Your Cat Is Hiding The Smell Of Its Food 2. The Cat Protects Her Kitten

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