Why do cats make biscuits? Cat Kneading

Before we start discussing the possible theories, the most important thing to know is that it's always a good sign.

Kneading occurs when a cat rubs its front paws on blankets, pillows, other animals, or humans. Alternating left and right paws knead while purring.

What Is Cat Kneading?

Why Do Cats Knead - 7 Main Theorie

A definitive reason for cats kneading has yet to be found, but there are seven possible theories that could explain this odd feline behavior. 

Instinctive Behavior from Kittenhood Most people believe kneading is neotenic, or a juvenile trait preserved in maturity.

While Settling Down It's an instinctual behavior passed down via generations. Wild cats would pat down foliage and grass to make a cozy place for birthing.

Mating Female cats knead to groom themselves. Female cats advertise to male cats that they're available for mating by purring while stretching and kneading the air.

Another possible theory is that cats knead for comfort, and to soothe themselves. 

For Comfort

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Why do cats make biscuits? Cat Kneading