Do Cats Like Bleach?

A reader recently shared a story that might sound very familiar to other Ragdoll cat owners

If you have experienced this scenario and wondered why does my cat roll in bleach? Are they having some strange reaction? You are not alone. 

This is a surprisingly common occurrence among cats. While even the experts can only partially explain this, here is some information to help you understand this odd phenomenon. 

Why do cats love bleach?

The most common explanation is that there might be something in the chemical makeup of bleach that attracts cats, such as chlorine. But that raises the question, why do cats like chlorine? 

The generally agreed-upon answer is that cats have a very highly developed sense of smell – much more complex than humans.

Common reactions include rubbing, purring, and drooling – similar to catnip’s effect on kitties. So while cat experts haven’t reached a detailed conclusion about why cats are into bleach, a simple way of thinking of it is that it has the same effect as catnip on a kitty. 

Many pet owners see this reaction as a reason to worry about the health and safety of their cat, but the faint smell of bleach and a cat’s reaction to it is harmless. However, licking or ingesting a lot of bleach can cause serious cat health issues requiring immediate veterinary attention. 

Cats and Bleach Poisoning

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