Does your Cat Lick and Chew Plastic? – 9 Reasons for This Behavior 

You, as well as millions of other cat owners, are very familiar with this scenario – as you’re putting your groceries away, you hear some swishing. 

How come the simplest plastic bag can become its favorite toy and place within minutes? Is it the smell? Is it the texture? 

There are plenty of reasons why your cat is in love with your plastic bags and we are going to explore them all to solve the mystery of their love for plastic. 

Why do cats like to sit inside plastic bags?

Enticing food smells. It’s all about the smell of the bag…and, most importantly, everything that was in it! 

Reason No. 1 – That Amazing Smell

While this may be difficult for your nose to notice, it is not the same for your cat, that has a very keen sense of smell and can feel everything in high definition. 

Not only do cats have a very acute sense of smell, but they also have excellent hearing! So when that bag starts swishing, it sounds extremely enticing to them and they start playing. 

Reason No. 2 – That Dazzling Swishing

They’ll sit on the bag and start moving it with their paws and licking it and biting it and what do they get in return? A plastic symphony, of course! Every move the bag makes sounds fantastic to your cat.

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Why Do Cats Lick and Chew Plastic? – 9 Reasons for This Behavior Story