Why Do Cats Hate Closed Doors?

As any cat owner knows, kitties absolutely hate closed doors. They can be at their calmest, but when that door is shut, their inner alarm goes off. They meow, they scratch, they fidget, and they do not rest until that door is open again.

Find out as we uncover the main reasons behind this peculiar cat behavior and what you can do to convince them that some doors need to stay shut, at least some of the time.

Reason No. 1 – Territory

Cats are territorial animals. They mark as often as they can so that it’s always clear what they reign over. 

Reason No. 2 – Curiosity

Ok, you’ve closed the door and the cat is left on one part of it. But there’s a noise or a smell coming from the other side and your cat can’t go over there to investigate, which means that there is a problem. 

Reason No. 3 – Clowder Rule

When one or more members of the family are on the other side of a closed door, the cat can’t see them, which is a problem. The meowing, scratching, and fidgeting simply means that the cat wants to make sure that everybody is alright. 

How Cats Protest Closed Door

- Meowing  - Fidgeting  - Pawing   - Asking for Help   - Scratching 

How to Keep that Door Closed In Spite of Your Cat’s Protest

Sometimes some doors need to stay closed, even though your cat disagrees with such practices. But what can you do to get a peaceful closing of the door in a house with a cat? 

Plan A – Methods that Keep Kitty Focused Elsewhere

- Give your cat as much attention as possible  - Make your cat a lounging area next to the window  - Boxes, Bags, and Toys  - Scratching Posts  

Plan B – Methods that Keep Kitty Away

- Anti Chew/ Bitter Spray   - Sticky Paws  - Training Mats   - Large Object 

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