Why Cats Pee Outside of The Litter Box?

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The most important thing is to get your kitty to a vet to make sure s/he doesn't have a blockage of some sort.  

Maybe s/he doesn't like the idea of a Johnny-on-the-Spot type of atmosphere when peeing.  

Cats Not Using Litter Box Anymore: Reasons and Solution

Sometimes, if they have a UTI, it will make them "go" outside the box because they associate the box with pain when urinating. 

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or a blockage

S/he may have a bladder infection. If it's painful when s/he pees, s/he'll associate the litter box with pain and pee somewhere else. 

Bladder Infection

Like a bladder infection - these can cause a lot of pain, and the kitty starts associating the pain with the litter box. 

Urinary Crystal

if your kitty isn't spayed or neutered. Some females will urinate to "advertise" that they are in heat. And males will spray to mark their territory.  


The cat is trying to "tell" you something. They need an additional litterbox (rule of thumb, the # of boxes should = the # of cats + one additional; some cats like to pee in one and poop in another) 


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Why Cats Pee Outside of The Litter Box?