Ozone therapy  for cats

When it comes to ozone therapy for cats, it might be worth discussing with your vet as it can help with a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. 

In order to understand a little more about what ozone therapy is, you need to start with ozone itself. 

What is ozone therapy for cats?

Ozone is simply a molecule that’s made up of three oxygen atoms – so it’s O3. The normal oxygen we breathe is O2, meaning ozone is just oxygen with an extra atom. 

The idea is that ozone gives your body a higher concentration of oxygen. 

What does Ozone do?

Heal wounds or just make your cat more comfortable. Some of the possible benefits include decreasing inflammation in muscles or other tissue 

This makes it a fantastic, natural remedy for a wide range of problems your cate might be suffering.

The benefits of using ozone can also help where you’re concerned about relying too much on antibiotics. 

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Ozone Therapy For Cats