What Does a Lilac Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

While the name may suggest purple, violet, or other flower-like colors, the term lilac actually refers to a shade of white. Lilac is a lavender-pink tone that the cat’s white fur presents.

What color is a lilac Ragdoll?

Yes, lilac Ragdolls are actually very rare. In fact, lilac is the rarest color seen in Ragdoll cats.  As you can imagine, this makes the lilac individuals more valuable, both in terms of breeding and competitions.

Are lilac Ragdoll cats rare?

Almost all lilac Ragdoll cats have blue eyes. This is the typical eye color for the lilac color, according to the CFA.  However, there may be exceptions, and some individuals can have eyes of other colors.

What color are lilac Ragdolls’ eyes?

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What Does a Lilac Ragdoll Cat Look Like?