What Does a Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

The term ‘point’ refers to the extremities of the cat.  A cream point Ragdoll will have a face, ears, feet and tail that are all a shade of ivory or cream.

What does "point" mean?

A Ragdoll kitten will always be born white, with the color starting to develop after around 10 weeks, and sometimes not being fully developed until the cat is 4 years old.  Cream point Ragdolls keep the white coat, with the color developing in the points.

When do Ragdoll cats get their color?

In terms of pattern, a cream point Ragdoll can present as a Colorpoint, a Bicolor or a Mitted cat. All cream point Ragdoll cats are beautiful (as are any Ragdolls), with their pristine white coat, gentle cream points and shiny blue eyes.

What different patterns can a cream point Ragdoll present as?

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What Does a Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Look Like?