What Cats Can Teach Us: 10 Life Lessons From Our Feline Friends

While our pets often feel like our children, it is not a one-way relationship in terms of nurture and growth.

We can take just as many lessons from our cats as they do from us, and some of the things our kitties can teach us are exceptionally profound and meaningful. Here’s a look at some of the life lessons people have taken from their cats. 

Embracing Tranquility

“Whiskers taught me the art of embracing tranquility and finding joy in simple moments. Throughout her life, Whiskers had a serene and content demeanor that fascinated me. “ Max Shak – nerdigital.com

Taking Time to Enjoy the World

“I like to think my little British Shorthair kitty named Sylvia has taught me quite a few lessons, maybe some I’m not even aware of yet! The one I’ve really come to appreciate has been the value of just taking the time each day to look out on the world and not think or worry about anything.”  Dan Bailey – WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care 

Treasured Memories

“I am an intuitive animal communicator, and Harry was the much-loved pet of one of my clients. When he passed away his owner asked me to communicate with him, and ask him if he had any special memories of their time together. He described looking out of big windows, like a conservatory, and feeling a breeze in his fur. “ Kathryn Knock – Intuitive Animal Communicator

Pay Attention

“My cat’s name is Connor, however I frequently call him Connor Weasley because he’s an orange tabby and he’s very much a Weasley. He’s 11, we’ve been together for 10 years, and he has taught me to pay attention. He’s so attentive that he notices if I forget to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer and he will bug me until I take care of it.” Nicole Warner – GermanWithNicole.com

The Art of Mindfulness

“Sufi taught me a profound, life-changing lesson — the art of mindfulness. Cats are the embodiment of living in the moment. Watching Sufi chase a beam of light or sit quietly at the window, fully engrossed in the world outside, it’s clear he is completely present. This, right now, is all that matters to him. Tiffany McGee – nomadrs.com

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