What Can Cats Eat?

Your cat’s diet is really important. Making sure they have the right balance of proteins and nutrients through your choice of cat food is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it’s a conversation you should have early with your breeder and veterinarian when deciding what needs your kitty has.

But what about the occasional treat, or foods that you’re eating that you either might want to share with your cat willingly, or that may drop to the floor and get pounced on before you’ve had time to clean it up? Are any of those foods dangerous to your cat, or likely to cause health problems? What can cats eat?

You should always ask your regular veterinarian before you start sharing food with your kitty, to make sure it won’t cause any problems.

Can cats eat ice cream?

Most cats will be OK if they eat a small amount of ice cream, although they are lactose intolerant and so might suffer from diarrhea or vomit. It’s not a recommended regular treat for cats, as the sugar content is bad for their health. 

Can cats eat corn?

In most cases, cats can eat plain corn without any major health concerns. However, there is also little nutritional value, apart from small amounts of Vitamin B and fiber. 

Can cats eat peanuts?

Generally, peanuts aren’t toxic to cats but they’re not healthy either. They’re too fatty, and while they contain proteins it isn’t the right kind of protein for your cat’s diet. 

Can cats eat lettuce?

Cats can safely eat most types of lettuce, and they will get some nutritional benefits. It’s high in fiber and contains Vitamins A and K. It’s also full of water, which is good for cats who don’t drink enough from a bowl.

Can cats eat cucumbers?

While a cat’s diet should mainly consist of meat, one of the better salad foods they could snack on would be cucumber. Again, it should only be given in moderation – no more than one or two slices.

Can cats eat oranges?

Citrus fruits like oranges aren’t suitable for cats. The high amount of citric acid can upset their digestive system and cause diarrhea.

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