What Are the Different Colors of Ragdoll Cats?

At birth, all Ragdoll cats are of the same color. While all Ragdoll kittens are born white, the coloration and fur pattern becomes visible soon after.

The term used by cat breeders is blue, but the color seen in this type of Ragdoll cat is gray or sometimes in certain light, a taupe-like color.


Seal Ragdolls display a typical combination of creamy white or another light color and dark brown fur.


Similar to the seal variety, chocolate Ragdolls present a combination of light-colored fur and light brown fur.


Flame Ragdoll cats present a combination of creamy white fur on their bodies and red/orange fur on their extremities. The CFA (Cat's Fancier's Association) has introduced the term "flame" to relay the very warm tones of red and orange present in this variety of Ragdoll cat.


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