Veterinarians in High Demand: Top US States Facing Shortages

Hundreds of thousands of pet owners are searching online for veterinary help every month, with a new study showing the extent of medical care needed for pets and the US states where vets are most in demand.

Vets in Need

The study results show that Colorado is the state where veterinarians are the most in-demand, with an average of 75,927 searches for vets each month 

Highest Vet Searches

The state with the highest total average of searches for veterinarian care each month is California, which has 321,492 searches on average each month. 

Existing Veterinarian Contacts

These figures are indicative of the need for more veterinarians in the country. These statistics aren’t measuring how many people need veterinarian help each month 

Digital Diagnosis

There could also be a trend for pet owners to try and self-diagnose their pets using online information. It may be that they aren’t comfortable taking their pet to a vet or feel like they don’t have time. 

Dog-Focused Methodology

It’s important to note that the study conducted by PetLab.com did have a marginal bias toward dog owners. The study used ten search terms to identify trends, of which three were dog-specific – “emergency dog vet near me,” “dog vet,” and “dog vet near me.” 

Total Monthly Requests

The study revealed that, on average, there are over 3.2 million searches every month for someone needing a veterinarian for their pet. 

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