Types of cat litter – Pros and Con

The decision isn’t just yours, though – you’ll need to find a litter that your cat is happy to use.

What are the different kinds of litter? Litter is produced from different materials, including clay, recycled paper, wood, wheat, silica gel crystals, corn, pea protein, walnut shells, and more. 

Scented vs. Unscented

Cat litter will either be unscented, naturally scented, or artificially scented. 

Clumping vs. Non-clumping clumping litter forms clumps around urine and feces that can be scooped out . Non-clumping instead will rely on other methods to neutralize odors 

Clumping cat litter should be avoided when choosing litterbox filler for a kitten due to the risk of ingesting it. 

Biodegradable or Not? Some forms of cat litter are biodegradable and so are better for the planet. This also tends to mean they’re more expensive. 

There is no single ‘best’ litter (other than the best one that works for you). 

What is the best type of cat litter?

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Types of cat litter – Pros and Cons