Types of Cat Litter

What are the different kinds of litter? Litter is produced from different materials, including: Clay, Recycled Paper, Wood, Wheat, Silica Gel Crystal, Corn, Pea Protein, Walnut Shell, Cassava, and more.

What is the best type of cat litter? There is no single 'best' litter (other than the best types of cat litter that work for you).  I, personally, have a few favorites, all of which are clay clumping. I have included them below, but again – these are the favorites that work for me and my cats. It will always vary.

Is wood litter better than clay? Wood's natural scent is always better than an artificially-scented clay. But unscented clay is better at clumping, and the pine smell of wood litter can be too strong for your cat. It may deter them from using their litter box .

Why would you use non-clumping cat litter? Non-clumping cat litters are good at absorbing cat urine, meaning they can be used in the same litter box for a while before they need changing.

How often should clumping cat litter be changed? Clumping types of cat litter are designed so that you can scoop out the clumps as they form, helping to keep the litter as clean as possible. At the very least, I think a litter box should be scooped two times a day.

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Types of Cat Litter