Tuxedo Cats:  Fun Facts About Them!

Tuxedo cats, we’ve all seen them, we all love them, but what are they exactly? Are they a special cat breed? Are they only a type of coloration? Are they rare?

Well, we’ve gathered all the essential info about tuxedo cats to answer all of your questions. Here are some very fun facts about the adorable tuxedo cats!

Fact No. 1 – Tuxedo Cats Are Not a Breed

Even though these black and white cats have a name, they are not a breed. Tuxedo refers to the combination of colors on the cat that makes them look like a person wearing a suit.

Fact No. 2 – The Tuxedo Coloring Comes from their Genes

The specific bi-color pattern that makes these cats look like they are wearing a tuxedo comes from their genetic background. Cats can get the tuxie gene from their parents or from some other member of their family tree. 

Fact No. 3 – There Are Several Types of Tuxedo Cats

This makes the variation of tuxies absolutely enormous. The best-known type of tuxedo cat is black (dominant) and white, with short silky fur. 

Fact No. 4 – Tuxedo Cats Are Smarter Than the Average Cat

Not only are they more elegant than many other cats, but tuxies are also smarter and that’s a fact. These cats develop much quicker than other cats, both physically and mentally.  

Fact No. 5 – Tuxedo Cats Are Not Rare

They are certainly not rare, but if you are looking to get a tuxie of your own, you have better chances at finding one in a shelter then you do at a cattery. 

Fact No. 6 – There Is Such a Thing as “Tuxitude”

The term “tuxitude” refers to the special attitude that tuxedo cats display. What makes these cats easy to spot out is not only their black and white coats, but also their elegant attitude. 

Fact No. 7 – Tuxedo Cats Might Have Magical Powers

People say that during a vernal or diurnal equinox, their black and white coats make tuxies become virtually invisible. In fact, some regard this as proof of their magical powers. 

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