10 Best Cat Owner Insights About Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

With these high-tech litter boxes, you can enjoy a cleaner and more hygienic environment for your feline friend while freeing up your time for more enjoyable aspects of pet ownership.

But Do They Really Work? 

But do self-cleaning litter boxes work as advertised? Are they worth the higher price? Users on a popular online cat forum share their insights about the pros and cons of investing in a self-cleaning litter box for your home. 

1. It Will Need Monthly Cleanings 

While you don't have to scoop litter quite as often, that doesn't mean you no longer have to clean the litter box. Many cats have a poor aim when they urinate, and it can hit the sides of the box. 

2. Our Cats Prefer the Automatic Litter Box 

Numerous cat owners share that their cats prefer self-cleaning litter boxes over traditional ones 

3. It Saves You Tons of Cleaning Time 

The best thing about self-cleaning litter boxes is that they save users a lot of cleaning time. Instead of scooping cat poop every few days, you must empty the waste chamber around once a week. 

4. You Can Still Check Waste for Health Issues 

One massive misconception about self-cleaning litter boxes is that you can't look at your cat's poop to check for critical health issues. 

5. They're Much More Expensive Than Traditional Litter Boxes 

While many cat owners call self-cleaning litter boxes a lifesaver, others prefer traditional litter boxes for one big reason: the price. Self-cleaning litter boxes can cost between $200 and $600 upfront. 

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