Tips to Help Find a Ragdoll Cat Rescue 

Floppycats is not a Ragdoll Rescue - however, we know many people find this page needing help to locate a Ragdoll cat rescue. This page is intended to list resources to help people looking for a Ragdoll cat in need of rescue.  

Make sure you check out all the possible Ragdoll cat rescue homes. If there is a cat that you are interested in but is not in your area, sometimes arrangements can be made to get that feline to you. 

Websites to Help You in the Ragdoll Cat Adoption Process

This nonprofit lists pets from over seventeen thousand shelters throughout the United States - it also has pets in North America. The website lets you filter by breed, age, and location if you want Ragdoll Cat Adoption. 

Located in Ennis, TX, serving TX and nearby states if you come to them! They also do courtesy posts of Ragdolls in need on their Facebook page. Merlin's Hope Ragdoll Rescue works in the area of Ennis in, Texas. 

Merlin's Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue 

Ragdoll Rescue on 

Ragdoll cat rescue group is the most popular Ragdoll Rescue, which works well all over Canada and the United States. This organization aims to gather cats of this breed from different shelters and Ragdoll adoption.  

Alpha Kittens Village (414) 622-0031

Appledolls home of ragdoll kittens 

This is a Facebook page impersonating a real breeder in Korea. They stole all the videos and photos from the legitimate breeder and pretend those kittens are theirs and then get people to send them money. Of course, they never get the kitten.

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