These 10 Common Cat Myths Are Actually False

Keep on reading as we debunk ten common misconceptions about our feline friends. Let's separate facts from fiction and gain a deeper understanding of these enigmatic creatures.

Cats Have Nine Lives 

It's a common saying out there that cats have nine lives. You probably think so, too. Right? Well, the truth is cats don't have nine lives.  

Cats Purposely Knock Things Over 

Cats don't deliberately knock objects off surfaces. They exhibit this behavior out of curiosity or playfulness. 

Cats Hate Water 

When did you last come across a cat swimming or wading through water? You probably have never encountered one, and you might think it's because cats hate water.  

Cats Can See in Total Darkness 

Cats are nocturnal animals, meaning they have excellent night vision, but contrary to popular belief, they can't see in total darkness. 

Cats Purr Only When They're Happy 

While contentment is a common reason for purring, cats also purr when stressed, in pain, or anxious. 

Cats Are Solitary Animals 

While cats are often seen as solitary creatures, they are not strictly solitary animals. They can form strong bonds with both humans and other pets. 

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