The Truth About Cat Sneezing: What It Indicates

While sneezing is extremely common in people, cats don't sneeze very often, which makes it that much cuter when it does. But why do cats sneeze? Should you be worried when it happens? Let's find out the truth behind this behavior.

Here Are the Most Common Reasons for Cats Sneezing 

- A speck of dust or a small particle - A strong smell / Airborne chemicals - A foreign object in their nose - Upper respiratory infections - Inflammations of the nasal cavity and sinuses - Allergies - Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis - Inflammations or Infection of a tooth with sinus implication

Identify Patterns 

If the cat only sneezes every once in a while, then you have nothing to be worried about. But look out for patterns if the sneezing comes up often enough to notice. 

The Cat Sneezes After You Clean the House. 

If you notice that your cat sneezes every time you clean the house, then you should look into the products that you use, especially for cleaning the floors and areas that the cat comes in contact with.

The Cat Sneezes After It Goes to the Litter Box 

Sometimes, stirring up the litter might make the cat sneeze. But if this happens often, then you should look into the matter 

The Cat Sneezes When It Sits on Your Clean Linens or Clothes 

if you notice that your cat often sneezes after relaxing on your clothes, you should look into the detergent and fabric softener you use.  

Air Fresheners  

So if you notice them sneezing, stop using that type of air freshener altogether because it has some airborne particles that are harmful to your cat.  

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